Is it worth paying for boiler cover?

Is it worth paying for boiler cover?

10 January 2021
This is one of the most frequently asked questions regards the usefulness of boiler cover. More specifically, is it worth getting?

Perhaps one of the most relevant comparisons is with your mobile phone cover. We all know it’s a good idea to take out an insurance policy on your mobile phone. Anyone who hasn’t taken out cover, and had a phone stolen at month 2 of a 24-month contract has been left quite flabbergasted at how much the phone then costs to repair, with some quick mental maths carried out about how long you could go without the latest model.

Where the comparison falls down, however, is as the phone ages. When a phone gets older and more likely to break down, it becomes cheaper to replace. If your phone is nearing the end of its contract, it will not cost that much to buy out the contract and upgrade, regardless of insurance cover. The situation with your boiler couldn’t be further from this: whilst it is designed to be in the home for far more than 24 months, the likelihood of its failure increases as it ages, making boiler cover far more important as time goes on.

As the weather turns colder and people reach for the dials on the thermostat more freely, the importance of having a fully functional boiler in the home is heightened. Boiler cover provides you with peace of mind that if the boiler doesn’t fire, repair work should not come with a nasty surprise, or a big bill. Another bonus of boiler cover is that it generally comes with a maintenance visit included in the plan. This regular inspection and maintenance from a technician helps to head off issues before they develop, whilst also keeping your boiler in the safest, best possible condition.

So, whilst there is no universal answer to this question, the peace of mind that boiler cover brings makes it a worthwhile investment in many homes.

Is all boiler cover the same?

No, when you come to compare boiler cover packages, one of the first things that you will soon notice is the fact that many providers offer a variety of different plans, at a range of price points. A boiler cover comparison will often demonstrate that the entry-level plans come with an excess, flat repair or call out charge, whilst the higher-priced plans do not.

How do you compare boiler cover levels?

Basic cover plans are generally speaking better if your boiler is new, making it less likely to break down. This provides a safety net should the worst happen to your boiler, but in a boiler cover comparison with the higher levels of cover plans available, it is not as useful for an older boiler.

When you compare boiler cover levels, it is important to look at what is included on an annual basis, as well as any costs such as call out or a flat repair charge. Whilst the higher levels of cover will cost more on a monthly basis than the basic plans, they are also more likely to have a reduced call out or repair charge. Many boiler cover plans come with inclusive repairs. As with any financial service, it is vital to study and ensure you understand all terms of your boiler cover, to avoid any nasty surprises further down the line.

What should I look out for in a boiler cover comparison?

There are a number of factors, which not only depend on the price and level of cover offered, but also the age, condition and sometimes manufacturer of your boiler.

The older a boiler is, the more likely it is to break down and boiler cover providers are well aware of this. Some cover providers will not allow cover to be taken out on a model which is too old, but each provider will draw their own line in the sand over this. What is unacceptable for one provider could well be fine for another, even if monthly premiums may well be a touch higher.

Another aspect to be aware of is the number of callouts you are allowed in any single year. Some boiler cover providers limit the number of callouts that can be made, whilst others do not. If your boiler is getting on a bit, it may be wise to avoid a cover plan with limited callouts per year.

So, is it worth paying for boiler cover?

If your boiler is anything over around five years old, the peace of mind given to you by taking out boiler cover is almost certainly worth the monthly cost. Having a qualified engineer come out to maintain your boiler annually, as well as having your boiler repaired should things fail at a fixed (or indeed inclusive) fee is a great way to reduce the worry associated with your boiler.


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