What Is Pet Insurance? And Should You Get It?

What Is Pet Insurance? And Should You Get It?

3 August 2021
pet insurance

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is crucial in ensuring that your furry little friends are as healthy as they can be. This is because pet insurance can help you pay for any veterinary procedures or treatments your pet may need due to sickness or injury. Depending on your pet insurance plan, you may also receive a pay out from your insurance company if your pet is either lost, stolen or dies. As well as this, you might be able to receive a pay out if your pet physically harms a person.

What is covered with pet insurance?

As mentioned previously, pet insurance covers expenses for things such as medical fees and vet expenses. The amount of cover you get can be from £1000 up to £15,000. Therefore it is important that you consider the needs of your pet carefully before going with any sort of pet insurance plan

Dental cover

Some pet insurance providers will cover your pet for things such as dental illness. However the vast majority of providers will only cover dental issues related to injury, such as accidents.

Travel Overseas

The good news is that a vast majority of pet insurance providers will provide you with cover whilst abroad, just in case your pet falls ill during your time abroad.

Cremation, burial and euthanasia

A lot of insurance providers will cover the costs when your pet needs euthanising as well as being buried and cremated. This is an attractive options for those with older pets, who may be looking at taking out a pet insurance plan. Whereas this option isn’t as important for those with younger pets, who may be wanting to change their pet insurance plan as time goes on.  

Kennel and cattery costs

If you are hospitalised for 2-4 days in a row. Without anyone else to look after your pet for you. Most pet insurance providers will pay the costs needed in order to keep your pet in a kennel or a cattery. Which will hopefully give you peace of mind knowing that if you ever fall sick, your pet will not suffer because of it. 

Death by illness or accident

Depending on the age of your pet, you might be able to get a pay out amounting to what you paid for your pet, or possibly what your pet could sell for. Therefore your pay out will depend on the type of pet, as well of the breed of the pet that you own.

The age of your pet is also a factor. This is because a lot of pet insurance plans will have an age limit on pay outs. This is usually five to nine years for dogs. And eight to eleven years for cats. Anything after these maxium ages will not warrant a pay out from your pet insurance provider.

Third-party liability

This is far more common with dogs. Simply because if your dog causes injury to a person. Your policy should pay out legal costs as well as damages to the persons property.

Missing pet cover

These isn’t too much in the way of missing pet cover. The furthest this cover usually extends to is covering the cost of putting up posters if your pet goes missing as well as paying out a (usually) small reward.

What is excluded from pet insurance plans?

There are a number of examples when pet insurance companies will refuse cover. It is important to know what certain providers will and will not cover, meaning you get the right plan for you and your furry little friend.

Giving birth and pregnancy

Pet insurance providers for the most part, will actually exclude anything related to pregnancy, giving birth. As well as the mothers offspring. 

Therefore this is something to consider for unneutered pets. 

Pre existing illness and injuries

If your pet has any pre-existing condition which has been prevalent before taking out a policy. Most pet insurance providers will exclude these sorts of illnesses from their policies. Although you should be aware that sometimes you may be able to receive cover for pets that haven’t received treatment for specified conditions for over a certain amount of time.  

Preventative and routine treatment

Usually anything cosmetic, such as grooming and claw clipping are excluded from pet insurance plans. Vaccinations could also be excluded from pet insurance policies.

Waiting period

It is important to note that most pet insurance providers do not cover the first 2 weeks of your pet insurance policy

Types of pet insurance

Lifetime cover

Lifetime cover policies, will pay out of over the entirety of your pets lifetime. As well as this they tend to be the policies that cover the most things as mentioned previously. 

However, these kinds of pet insurance policies can functionally quite differently. 

Annual policies can either pay a certain amount annually for your pets veterinary costs. Which is usually capped at a certain amount per annum, depending on your pet insurance plan. 

The other type of lifetime policy is per condition per year cover. This means the insurance provider will grant a certain amount per year for certain illnesses. Such as your dogs heart problem. Rather than paying out for blanket cover, annually. 


Non-lifetime cover

There are two types of non-lifetime cover. per condition cover and also time limit condition cover.

Per condition cover pays a certain amount for each condition that your pet has. However, once the limit of pay out has been reached, the provider will no longer cover you for this condition. Therefore, this may not be an attractive option if your pet develops a long term and or costly illness. 

Time limit cover will usually have a cap of how much money the provider is willing to pay out as well as the amount of time. Which usually equates to a year. 

Is it worth it?

Here at Bright Compare we believe that pet insurance is absolutely essential for the health and wellbeing of your pet. Pet insurance can give you the piece of mind knowing that no matter what health problem your pet will face. You will have cover. 

However we do understand that pet insurance can be pricy. Which is why our fantastic comparison tool can help you save money on your pet insurance plan. 


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