How To Speed Up Your Broadband

How To Speed Up Your Broadband

4 August 2021
speed up broadband

Check your current internet connection speed

Before trying to speed up your broadband, it is important that you use a tool to test your speed before making any sort of improvements. This is simply because you will have something to compare your improved internet speed to once changes have been made. is ideal.

Tips on how to improve internet speeds

It is important to note that if your internet speed is drastically under what you would consider desirable. Or what you need to fulfil your internet usage needs. Then maybe consider comparing broadband providers and find yourself a better deal. However, if you are somewhat happy with your connection speed, but would like to make some improvements. Please follow the guide below.

Make sure your router is in an optimal place

It is important that your router is located in the right place when figuring out how to speed up your broadband. Maybe consider switching the placement of your router closer to where you are using the internet. For example, it would make more sense to place your router closer to your home office for an optimal connection. 

Although if you have multiple people in your household needing to use the internet. Choosing a central location in the home could help improve speeds for everyone.

Having your router in an optimal location is also great if you decide you wish to use a wired connection, having an ethernet cable can greatly increase internet speeds and is always recommended for desktop PC’s. However with a laptop this would restrict mobility. Therefore it is entirely up to you as this option does have its pro’s and cons.  

Keep your router away from other devices

Having other electrical devices near your router may be causing interference. Which in turn, can be causing dips in internet connection speed. 

Things such as speakers, stereos and televisions can all cause interference with your router. Therefore it is recommended to switch all of these electricals off near your router and then conduct another speed test to see if this makes a difference. 

Wireless boosters

Using wireless boosters is a fantastic way to boost the range of your Wi-Fi connection within your home. Although it should be mentioned that these boosters do not actually improve your speed. They will only improve the distance that your Wi-Fi can cover. 

The great news is that for the most part. Most Wi-Fi boosters will work regardless of what provider you are with. There are numerous options available with many different price ranges. It is generally advised to choose one of the higher end wireless boosters as this will give optimal performance.

Turn off Wi-Fi devices not being used

This might be obvious, but turning off Wi-Fi devices that are not being used can greatly increase internet speeds. Therefore disconnecting or switching off devices such as tablets or phones is beneficial. As these devices work in the background, therefore still using precious Wi-Fi.  

Extend your routers range using home electrics

Powerline adapters are far superior to boosters. This is because powerline adapters send the routers signals via your electrical wiring. First of all you will need to connect your router to closest plug socket that the adapter is plugged in to. Secondly, you will have to plug the second adapter into a socket located in the room that you wish to have better signal. After this has been completed, your router signals will be sent through the electrical wiring. And then hopefully boosting your signal in said room. 

Nothing helping?

If none of these broadband speed boosting methods are helping. Then maybe it is time to conduct a broadband provider comparison and find the best deal for you. At Bright Compare, we can help you compare the best deals from major broadband providers all across the UK. And without a doubt we can find the perfect deal to suit you. 

It should be mentioned that switching providers when you are still within your contract can be a little difficult. However it is not impossible. Broadband contracts usually run anywhere from one to two years. If you decide to exit the contract before it has been completed then you may be charged a fee. 

If you are part way through a contract but are experiencing lower speeds than. advertised, your provider might allow you to upgrade or send you better speed boosting equipment. 


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