Best Car Insurance Providers

Best Car Insurance Providers

by Matthew
9 August 2021
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When searching for the perfect car insurance providers, it can be a daunting task. Many providers offer different incentives for their customers. While some may seem appealing – it’s important to ensure that they are the right ones for you. 

It’s also important to bear in mind that a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean better cover. 

We’re here to help you find the lowest priced insurance providers. Also those that offer the best standard of service too.


If you are looking to insure more than one vehicle at the same time, then Aviva may be the right provider for you. They offer a 10% multi-car discount on up to five different cars. They also offer insurance cover that will allow you to drive somebody else’s car, whether this is for the long term or short term. 

NFU Mutual

The 2020 Which? Insurance brand of the year offers all types of vehicle insurance, including breakdown cover and legal protection. They are also available 24/7. 75% of customers would recommend going through NFU Mutual. No admin fees are involved.


Thanks to the famous nodding dog, Churchill is probably the most well known insurance provider in the UK. It was also one of the first – founded in 1989. With their vast experience, they are able to offer you 24/7 legal advice through their helpline. If your car is vandalised, or if you are hit by an uninsured driver, you are able to keep onto you no claims discount.    


One of the most popular features of Tesco’s motor insurance services is the black box insurance. This is available to customers aged between 17 and 35. A black box has three mileage limit options, but allows you to save a lot of money on your insurance. 

They also offer supermarket related benefits, as club card owners will get a discount on their insurance rates. 

LV= Car Insurance

LV offers unlimited cover for windscreens, windows and lost keys. They boast offers of a no claims discount, 24/7 claims line, and also multi-vehicle insurance services. This means that they’re a popular all round company for car insurance. 

Direct Line

Direct Line is known for rewarding their long-term customers with exclusive deals. They are also committed to providing a high quality and affordable service. They also have a 9/10 customer satisfaction rate, and a Defaqto five star rating. 

Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

While the options above offer great individual benefits, it is important to assess your own situation. The best way to do this is to go through us.

Bright Compare is the easiest way to find a wide range of cheap car insurance quotes. By entering your details and considering what coverage you need, you can use the site to compare cheap car insurance quotes from a range of insurance brands, giving you the chance to make an informed choice.

Car Insurance Comparison: what do you need to get a quote?

To compare car insurance, you will need a number of details to get started. Firstly, the details of the vehicle are essential, such as the registration number although the make and model is sufficient, together with any modifications. Any existing no-claims discount will serve to lower your quote.

There are a variety of online tools that you can use to work out how many years of no-claims your insurer will honour. The usage of the car will also affect your quote; will you be using it for social, commuting or business and the amount of mileage you’ll roughly cover a year is another important factor.

Where the car is stored overnight will also be of interest. How long you have had your driving licence and the type of licence you hold are also important, plus any additional driving qualifications you may have. Finally, you will be asked for your personal details such as your employment, age, address and the same questions for any additional drivers on your policy will apply. Any driving convictions will also need to be entered.

Compare car insurance: how can I make my car insurance cheaper?

While car insurance comparison is important in securing a good deal, there are a number of ways in which you can potentially lower the cost of your car insurance policy.

No-claims discount: by avoiding making claims for smaller incidents, such as minor repairs or replacements, and paying for them yourself, you can benefit from a discount on your premium. The longer time you can maintain this, the greater discount should be.

Telematics: it is worth considering adding a black box or telematics app as this can reduce your premium. This is something that younger drivers should consider in particular, provided that they can demonstrate that they can drive sensibly.

Annual payment: rather than paying for your insurance on a monthly basis, making an annual payment will typically save you money. It may seem like a large amount to find in one go but will save you money in the longer term.

Modifications: modifications tend to lead to higher repair costs, in turn leading to higher premiums.

Auto-Renewal: it’s always best to shop around for insurance before your annual policy ends. If your policy auto-renews, it’s likely to have had a significant price increase.

Yearly comparisons: Comparing car insurance premiums each year will help you to ensure that you are receiving the best deal for your cover. Just accepting the renewal price from your current insurer could end up costing you hundreds of pounds, so take the time to compare.


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