Holidays: Booking Early vs Booking Late

Holidays: Booking Early vs Booking Late

by Matthew
9 August 2021
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A well known dilemma for travellers is whether to book a holiday well in advance of their date or to book it at the last minute. 

Do you hang fire for the chance of snapping up plane tickets up at a bargain price later down the line? Or do you book early, safe in the knowledge that your holiday is secured and organised, in spite of that nagging feeling that you could have got it for less had you held on for a bit longer? 

It can be a tough decision to make, especially when budgets and additional costs are considered. Of course, you want to get the best trip at the cheapest rate. However, it can take some careful planning to get this right. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

We’ve put together a comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons of each booking method. This is in order to inform your decision and conclude what’s the best trip to suit your personal requirements. Whether you’re after the sun, cities or business class luxury, this blog will give you food for thought.

What kind of traveller are you?

Different booking methods can benefit a wide variety of people, and it all depends on what suits you best. So first, find which category of holiday maker is most relatable to your situation. Then use the information below to inform your booking accordingly.

Family holiday:

If you’re booking a family holiday and have school children, it makes sense to book with as much advance as possible. This is so as not to miss the school holiday windows. Bookings shoot up for family friendly resorts and destinations during this time. Family holiday makers are known to book their getaways a year or two in advance. This is so that they can get the best deals available with plenty of planning time.  

One way traveller:

If you are the type of explorer who thrives off embarking on one way adventures on a whim, then you likely won’t need much notice on your booking. Simply choose a destination within your travel savings budget. Then book your flights and accommodation (hostels, hotels or BnB) and off you go!

Flexible holiday maker:

This is where you have a period in mind where you will fly out and return on your trip. You might have a few minor requirements (so long as it has a beach, or good nightlife for example) and may not necessarily know the destination. You also might have a fairly open calendar of when to travel. If this is similar to your situation, then it could allow for more leniency on your booking. When it comes to booking, see what’s going on the market for the time that you wish to travel. There is a likely chance that you’ll find a great deal as your needs aren’t overly specific. 

Business traveller:

If your trip is for business purposes, then you will benefit from hassle-free convenience and organisation. It would be best to book these trips as in advance as possible. However, due to the nature of business, you may be required to book a holiday on extremely short notice. In this case it is best to rely on a business trip broker to organise your travel. This allows you to focus on your important work.  

Debunking the myth 

In conclusion, unless you are in a position to be extremely spontaneous and flexible with your travel plans, then it’s always best to book as far in advance as possible. Holding out for reduced costs can be a very nerve-wracking experience. Peace of mind is a valuable commodity in today’s fast paced markets.

Whilst it is true that there are some unbelievable holiday deals available at the last minute on the travel market, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find your dream getaway for cheap well in advance of your travel date. Here at Bright Compare, we are on hand to help compare the very best holidays available. We use our state of the art software to compare offers across all UK travel agents. We’ll find the perfect getaway for you and your requirements. 

To start a quote, simply enter your details into our online form. It won’t take long, just pop in a few details about yourself and what you require for your holiday. We will do all of the hard work with our smart comparison technology. After you have reviewed the prices and accepted the offer, we will do all of the paperwork. Then we’ll confirm your holiday booking with no effort required on your part.

Getaway comparison tips

It has never been easier to compare getaway prices online rather than going through a traditional travel agent. From researching destinations to booking flights and accommodation separately, everything is available at the touch of a button. Holiday deals have become increasingly popular. So have holidays comparison websites, but what are the advantages of performing a holidays comparison here at Bright Compare?

Flights can differ in price depending on which airport you are willing to fly from. Most people in the UK are lucky enough to live reasonably close to several airports. It may not be practical to choose between Bournemouth and Aberdeen airports. But you could find yourself saving money if you are happy to fly from Cardiff rather than Bristol.

The holiday price difference can depend on several things. The flight route you are taking as regular flights can be cheaper so that airlines have a bigger quota of seats to fill. It can also depend on airport taxes and supply and demand at the time you are looking. Being able to compare all of these flights on one site can save you a lot of time and money.


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