The Importance of Holiday Insurance

The Importance of Holiday Insurance

by Matthew
9 August 2021
Holiday Insurance

It’s a cost that is sometimes overlooked, but the importance of holiday insurance cannot be stressed enough. Some travellers choose to ignore the option in order to save on their overall purchase, but it can end up costing them a lot of money in the long run should something not quite go to plan. 

Statistics show that there are an average of around 500,000 UK claimants for travel insurance per year, and with the recent pandemic, this has likely increased. 

With the introduction of countless travel restrictions since March 2020, it has resulted in many logistical issues that has seen travellers plans halted. A lot of holiday makers have been left in the dark and suffered financially because of this. This is one major reason as to why it is so important to seek travel insurance.

Even before COVID, it was always highly recommended to invest in insurance for your trips, as it covers a whole plethora of situations should they occur. Insurance includes cover for:

Hospital costs abroad in the event of injury or illness: 

If you require medical attention when abroad, your insurance will cover this. Different places have different policies when it comes to overseas patients, so you will want to avoid these costs that you may be subjected to without insurance.

Emergency repatriation: 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency you may need to be brought back to the UK to receive the care you need. Your travel would be earlier than expected and, in severe cases, aboard an emergency medical flight. You are liable for these costs, which run into frightening numbers.

Unforeseen circumstances that result in trip cancellation/delays:

Things sometimes go wrong that are completely out of your control. Whether it is flight cancellation/delays or hotel booking cancellations. Travel insurance will see you compensated for this.

Stolen, lost or damaged items

Some tourist-heavy places can be a target for opportunistic thieves who take advantage of travellers, and insurance also covers this. There is similar cover in place should any of your items become accidentally lost or damaged.

Of course, in an ideal world we would never require travel insurance, and it is hoped that you will never have to use it. But unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go to plan. Just for the sake of peace of mind, it is more than worth the additional cost. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy your trip, fully protected in the event of any issues. 


When looking at the options available for travel insurance and getting an idea for the cost, it is worth considering a few things:

Where you are travelling

The destination of your trip plays a big part in how much your insurance will cost. Factors that are taken into account include the distance, tourism and crime rate at the location in question. Places such as the USA will require additional insurance.

How old you are 

Your age can also play a part. There are policies in place for over 65’s that may be worth looking into, as insurance tends to cost more for travellers of this age or over.

How frequently are you travelling

If you take several trips per year (whether that be business or leisure), it could be worth looking into annual holiday cover as opposed to single insurance for each trip. 

What type of trip are you going on? 

The cost of insurance can increase if your trip involves activities such as skiing, scuba diving or other extreme sports. 

By what means are you travelling?

It is recommended that you double check that your insurance covers the means of your travels. Some budget flight companies or cruise ships may not be eligible for the insurance that you have in place, and could require additional cover.


Due to Brexit, you will not be able to renew your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) once it expires. However, you will be able to use it up until expiry. You can then apply for a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC).

Please note that this does not cover you for all occurrences, and additional travel insurance is always recommended.

Compare holiday insurance

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the correct insurance for your trip. You need a tailored policy to suit your travel needs and ensure that you are protected from the outset. And let’s face it, no one can predict the future and know exactly what is going to happen. However, at least you can plan and adapt as best you can for unforeseen changes before the trip.

So, what can you do to get the best deal around for your holiday insurance? Here at Bright Compare, you can compare thousands of quotes from multiple insurance companies. We’ll find the perfect policy for you. Our tailored holiday insurance comparison service matches options to your age, reason for travel and needs.

Start a quote today.

Holiday insurance comparison for the best deal

Unlike some of our competitors, Bright Compare is completely independent, as we are not owned by an insurance company. This also means that we are connected to the best deals out there when it comes to your holiday cover.

We make discovering the perfect holiday insurance policy, quick and simple. Once you are ready to compare holiday insurance, all you need to do is enter your details. Our smart technology will do the rest. We have access to the best holiday insurance deals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll find you quotes in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is check what deal suits you best and apply. We will then sort out all the paperwork for you.

So, when you’re ready, we will be here. In the meantime, you can check out our other insurances and products that could save you thousands each year!


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