Train Travel: The Great British Railway Line

Train Travel: The Great British Railway Line

by Matthew
9 August 2021
Train Travel

Most of the great cities, towns, boroughs and villages that the UK has to offer are accessible via train travel. With 2563 stations spanned out over 9,820 miles of rail nationwide, we are all linked together by this amazing network. The national railway line serves as one of the most popular and busiest means of transport in the country. 

Statistics show that around 3.5 million UK passengers travel on 20,000 train services every single day. That’s around 1.5 billion per year! 

Whether commuting to work, visiting a city for a day, or embarking on an escape to the country, the good old locomotive will get you there. If you want to go further afield, you can also leave the UK via the Eurostar train from London to Paris.   

Benefits of long distance rail travel

There are railways around the country that can get you from North to South, and even to France! You don’t need to board an aeroplane to travel long distances. Here are some of the benefits of rail travel:

Instant boarding – 

Air travel requires lengthy and uncomfortable waiting times ahead of the trip. But with train travel you can arrive at the train station and board your train immediately.

With no check ins or customs, train travel is a breeze!

Sustainability of train travel –

Train travel gives off just 1/20th of harmful emissions to the environment when compared to air travel. The railway is one of the most eco friendly forms of transportation. Rail companies seek to continually improve on their sustainability. So if you wish to head off on a railway adventure, you can do so safely in the knowledge that your carbon footprint remains in good stead. 

Huge part of British culture and heritage

The introduction of railway lines was one of the first tastes of things to come within a modernised world. Train travel is at the forefront of industrialism and culture, which was once only available to an elite few. It has since grown into a huge part of residents’ day to day within the country. 

Some UK destinations to visit via rail

Why not sample some amazing destinations that are accessible by rail from anywhere in the country. Simply book a ticket and set off on your adventure.


Approximately 70% of UK train journeys either start or finish in London. So no matter where you are in the country, there is ample opportunity to visit the capital of England by rail. 


Known throughout history as cultural pioneers of fashion, music and football. There is plenty to explore in an increasingly metropolitan Manchester which still holds onto its industrial roots.


The Albert Dock, The Tate, The Beatles. The recent UK capital of culture is teeming with life and soul every day of the week.


If a coastal break is more your thing, you can’t go wrong with the Southern seafront in Cornwall. It’s where the countryside meets the beach and is a truly stunning part of the country.


Edinburgh boasts rich heritage and architecture that is larger than life. You will never be far from magical experiences in this Scottish city.


York’s train station is in the very epicentre of this traditional slice of history. It boasts an amazing concentration of pubs and eateries amongst its winding narrow streets. It feels like you’re in a city from a past age as you wander through York. Not to mention the Vikings! 

High speed train travel:

There are trains in other parts of the world that can travel at speeds of up to 300 mph (known as bullet trains). The maximum speed on a train in the UK however is currently 140mph on the ‘Javelin’ commuter line from Kent. 

Exciting plans are in place for a 225 mph train which stops at Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham & London, known as ‘HS2’.  


There are 23 different train operators nationwide, and some require specific tickets to allow travel on their services. If your journey requires you to board more than one train over separate operators, it is important to make sure that you have the necessary tickets. Here at Bright Compare, we will take out any confusion with this. We’ll ensure that you are travelling with all necessary accreditation at the cheapest price possible. 

Compare train tickets with Bright Compare

Train fares vary and have been increasing in price annually for a number of years. Between 2019-2020, rail fares went up by 2.7%. This consistent hike in prices has come into effect since the rail network was privatised in 1995. It is now government policy that rail passengers should foot the bill for running and maintaining rail services. Not the taxpayers.

In addition to the annual increases, patrons often find that prices for the same routes can vary between providers and the type of ticket bought. So, for example, in some cases two single tickets can be cheaper than a return ticket to the same destination. And booking in advance can also make your trip significantly cheaper. Our aim is to compare trains and the cost of travel between providers. We take all of these factors taken into account so that you can be rest assured you have the very best deal for your journey.

How do we offer train comparison prices?

Bright Compare is a comparison website that combines data from a range of products and services in order to give consumers the very best deal. Using advanced algorithms, our comparison engine is able to identify and display the results from several different operators so that consumers can see all of the different prices for the same product.

In terms of train comparison and ticket prices. We can quickly and effectively work out the cheapest seller and the cheapest way to plan your journey. As mentioned, this may sometimes involve purchasing your tickets in a slightly different way such as buying two single tickets instead of a return and so forth.

Our aim is to provide you with the information that you need to make the most cost effective decision as to where. When and from whom you should purchase your ticket.

Compare train tickets today.


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