Travel Abroad with COVID Measures Still in Place

Travel Abroad with COVID Measures Still in Place

by Matthew
9 August 2021
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Since the recent alleviations of travel restrictions by the government, it is hoped that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We may be able to resume our travels around the globe soon. Saying that, at this moment of writing, there are still measures in place. This means that we are responsible for safe travel abroad whilst sticking to the important measures in place. 

Taking advice from governmental authorities – we have put together a guide to safely travel abroad from the UK.

Ahead of your trip

Make sure that you:

  1. Check the regulations in place for the country you are visiting.
  2. Find out if you are required to quarantine when you come back from the place in question.
  3. If you do, you need to book any tests or quarantine hotel packages in line with the legal requirements.

1. Be aware of policies and regulations in the country you are visiting

You can visit foreign travel boards to find information including:

  • Whether the government advises against essential travel to the country in question
  • The country you want to visit lets people from England enter
  • You need to prove that you have been vaccinated or present a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival. 

2. Find out what you need to do when you come back from the place in question

Countries are listed as either red, amber or green. Each colour represents a different policy upon returning from the place in question to the UK. 

You can find more information on the three colours further below. 

3. If required, book any COVID-19 tests or quarantine hotel packages 

Returning from a green or amber list country or territory

Book the tests you need if you’ve been in a country or territory on the green or amber list in the 10 days before you arrive in England.

If you have been in an amber list country or territory, you may be able to end quarantine early if you arrange and pay for a private COVID-19 test as part of the Test to Release scheme.

Returning from a red list country or territory

If you’ve been in a country or territory on the red list in the 10 days before you arrive in England, you must be quarantined in a hotel.

Check foreign travel advice while you’re away

With the ever fluctuating regulations for each country, it is important to keep an eye on travel abroad advice for the duration of your trip, and adhering to any changes. 

Before you return you must take a COVID test which will allow you to board your flight.

After you return

The rules for testing and quarantine when you arrive back in England depend on which countries or territories you have been in or travelled through in the 10 days before you arrive.

Red list rules

If you have been in a red listed country in the last 10 days you will only be allowed to enter the UK if you are a British or Irish National, or you have residence rights in the UK.

You must quarantine for 10 days even if you have been fully vaccinated and are showing no signs of symptoms.

Amber list rules

Before you travel to England you must take a COVID test and fill in a passenger locator form. Once you arrive in England you must quarantine for 10 days unless you are fully vaccinated. Then you will not be required to quarantine. 

Green list rules

Before you travel to England you must take a COVID test, but there are no further rules all being well. 

Travel abroad safely with Bright Compare 

Here at Bright Compare, we understand the need to get away after the isolation of the past 18 months. It’s fair to say that we all deserve a holiday. That is why we will go above and beyond to find you the best holiday deals within the current regulations. All of the travel agents on our database are 100% compliant, and will ensure the safest, trustiest, most reliable means of travel abroad possible with relation to the circumstances. 

Compare Holiday Prices

It has never been easier to compare holiday prices online rather than going through a traditional travel agent. From researching destinations to booking flights and accommodation separately, everything is available at the touch of a button. Holiday deals have become increasingly popular. So have holidays comparison websites, but what are the advantages of performing a holidays comparison here at Bright Compare?

Flights for holiday comparison

Flights can differ in price depending on which airport you are willing to fly from. Most people in the UK are lucky enough to live reasonably close to several airports. It may not be practical to choose between Bournemouth and Aberdeen airports, but you could find yourself saving a lot of money if you are happy to fly from Cardiff rather than Bristol.

The holiday price difference can depend on several things. The flight route you are taking as regular flights can be cheaper so that airlines have a bigger quota of seats to fill. It can also depend on airport taxes and supply and demand at the time you are looking. Being able to compare all of these flights on one site can save you a lot of time and money.

Hotels for holidays comparison

Hotels will offer various deals to different tour operators to get the best deals when you compare holiday prices. It is really useful to be able to look at all the offers at the same time rather than having to go to a number of websites to find the best deals. This way you can make sure you don’t miss the best offer.

There is a huge array of options when choosing the right hotel for your holiday. Being able to use tick boxes when you compare holidays is invaluable as different travellers want different things. If you are looking for a party, then you want to know that your hotel is near the best nightclubs. If you are looking for a relaxing break, you may prefer to choose the option for a spa in your hotel. There will doubtless be several things on your hotel wish list, and a comparison site tick box list will save you hours of trawling through various hotel websites.

All Inclusive holidays comparison

Searching all-inclusive or package deals on our comparison sites can save you a great deal of money as the packages can be available for different prices depending on the tour operator and you want to make sure you get the best deal from all of them.

It is also worth looking to see what these deals actually include. Some of these will offer you the flight, transfer, and hotel but many of them will also offer you food and drink for one set price. Read the small print to see what this includes too. An all inclusive may look quite expensive but if it includes alcoholic drinks as well as ice creams for the kids, this could save you a lot of money when you are actually on holiday, so it is worth weighing up your options.

There are plenty of great reasons to use our holiday comparison software. It is best to do some research first to decide where you want to go and what sort of holiday you are looking for and then put together a check list of the things you definitely want on your holiday, for example flight times or a swimming pool.

Once you have these, perform your holiday comparison with Bright Compare to make sure you get the best deal from all the offers available. This will take the headache out of the planning process and ensure that you get the best holiday for the most reasonable price.

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