Returning To The Office: Office Fruit and Catering for Staff Welfare

Returning To The Office: Office Fruit and Catering for Staff Welfare

by Matthew
13 August 2021
Office Fruit

Apprehension v willingness to return to the office

There has been something of a split opinion around workers returning to the office en masse, as Covid restrictions have been reduced in the workplace. Points of productivity, welfare and mental health have been at the forefront of either side of the arguments.

It is the view of some workplaces that staff are more productive in the office. It is thought that they will also benefit from the social aspect of being amongst their colleagues. Especially after the well documented side effects of isolation over the past 18 months. 

On the other hand, employees who have become accustomed to working from home have found some aspects easier. Reasons such as making childcare easier, and the fact that they don’t need to commute are some benefits. There are pros and cons to each, but nevertheless, The upsurge in employees returning to the office is increasing as restrictions continue to be lifted.

The return to the office will be a huge industrial challenge, one of the biggest in recent times in fact. 

It is a question of how do you minimise risk, and ensure optimum staff welfare procedures are followed? 

There is still cause for apprehension, but it is also important for businesses and enterprises to begin thriving once again. 

Amazing charities such as Mind offer brilliant advice for anyone who may have some anxiety around working in the office. There is scope for a lot of patience, as every individual is in an extremely different boat. It is important that every employee’s situations are treated individually and not as one wholesale case.

Measures in place

It is at the responsibility and discretion of the employer to ensure a safe workplace at all times. Especially during these times of heightened risk. 

Implementation of measures include:

Strict Social Distancing rules

  • Every aspect of business needs strict Social Distancing measures in place. This goes from people in the office, drivers in vans to the packers in the warehouses around the country. 
  • Staggered working patterns and breaks to avoid build ups of people in specific areas.


  • Wearing a mask and gloves.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided to every single member of staff. There should also be facilities to wash their hands at regular intervals.
  • Regularly disinfect all working surfaces.

Another huge talking point is employee wellbeing. According to Forbes Magazine, nutrition is the missing piece of the corporate wellness puzzle. One great way to counteract this is through introducing free fruits and vegetables to the workplace for employees to have at their leisure. 

Compare office fruit

The ‘mid-day slump’ is a very real thing amongst offices all over the UK. It usually occurs just after dinner, when motivation takes a lull and productivity drops. It happens for a number of reasons, but one key contributor is through the food that the staff are eating. We wholly agree, and are taking the steps to tackling this industrial issue.  

Sure, that fast food burger place on the corner is convenient and fairly cheap for employees, but our fruit baskets are even more convenient. They’re available in the office, and will be a FREE benefit for your hardworking staff!

Our friendly delivery drivers will be a highlight of the working week. They drop off their fresh fruit baskets directly to your office floor with a smile. 

It’s an investment that will improve productivity and counteract workplace brain fog. This we can guarantee. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace.  

Our office friendly fruit (including bananas, clementines, grapes, cherries, pears) are chosen to be as mess free and easy to eat as possible. This is so that employees can choose the fruit of their liking and eat at their leisure as they work. 


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