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Whether you’re looking to hire a car for business or for leisure, for a local trip or an international one, the range of choices out there can seem daunting. Here at Bright Compare, we make it simple for you to compare car hire options. This means that you can spend less time being stressed about whether you’re going to find a car suited to your travel needs and more time planning the fun parts of your itinerary.

How do I Book A Hire Car Online?

The only thing you need in order to book a hire car online is a valid credit or debit card. It really is that easy!

What Do I Need to Show to Prove My Identity When Picking up a Car?

In order to hire a car you’ll need to be able to provide the following documents:

  • A valid driving license that you’ve held for at least 12 months (some companies may ask for 24 months, so it’s best to check this!)
  • The debit/credit card used to book and pay for the car in question.
  • Your car hire booking confirmation.
How Expensive is Hiring a Car?

Car hire prices can vary hugely depending on the following factors:

  • Time of year
  • Location
  • Type/size of car
  • Age of driver

It’s always sensible to check car hire comparison sites such as Bright Compare when you’re looking to hire a car. That way you can make sure that you’re getting the best value for money available. If you’re travelling and need to rent a car for four days, for example, you might find that it’s cheaper to hire a car for a week even if you only need it for four days. Block bookings are often somewhat – and sometimes significantly – lower in price than shorter bookings.

How Old do I Need to be to Hire a Car?

Being old enough to drive doesn’t guarantee that you’re also old enough to rent a hire car. Most car rental companies specify that you have to be aged between 21 and 70 to rent one of their vehicles. If you’re aged under 25 or over 70, you’re likely to have to pay an additional fee. Some companies require drivers to be aged 25 or over when hiring a car in a foreign country, so it’s vital that you check each company’s age limits if they might affect you.

Why is Car Hire Comparison Useful?

Car hire comparison sites are incredibly useful tools for anyone who’s looking to save money on their car rentals. By exploring the results generated by Bright Compare’s technology, you can be certain that you’ll be able to save money on your car rental. However, you can be sure that ‘cheap’ doesn’t mean ‘poor quality’! Our technology searches trusted rental car companies, ensuring that you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll be getting the best deal from a trustworthy, reliable company.

What About Booking A Hire Car for Someone Else?

It’s possible to hire a rental car on behalf of another person. All you have to do is ensure that they meet the requirements to be eligible to rent the car. If the answer to this is yes, just fill out their details when you’re filling in the online rental form.

Do I Have to Pick my Car up from the Airport?

If you’re travelling internationally, you might wonder whether you’re tied to airport-based car rental services. While many rental car companies provide an at-airport pickup service, this isn’t the only option available to travellers.

Depending on your needs, you might want to save money by choosing a car rental service located away from the airport. In these cases, you’ll usually be able to get a shuttlebus from the airport terminal to the car rental service. The transfer from the airport to the hire car pick-up location should be free and straightforward. It’s always advisable to check shuttlebus locations and travel times in advance if you choose this option.

In other cases, such as if you’re travelling with children, have been on a long-haul flight or have urgent business meetings to get to, you may want to choose to collect your rental car directly from the airport.

Bright Compare’s car hire comparison software allows you to easily compare deals so you can see whether at-airport or shuttlebus transfer car hire is the better option for you.

How do I Compare Car Hire Deals?

Trust Bright Compare to find the best possible car hire deals for you. Our technology instantly compares thousands of leading car rental companies, as well as many smaller companies that might not be included elsewhere. This means that whether you’re travelling locally or internationally, for business or for pleasure, you can be confident that you’ll be able to find your perfect car hire deal.

Trust Bright Compare for the Best Deal

At Bright Compare, we make it easy for you to compare car hire options so you can find the best possible hire car to suit your needs. Entering your details is quick and easy. Our smart technology will do all the hard work of finding deals and filling out forms for you, so all you need to do is review the offerings and apply for your chosen one.

Our smart technology guarantees that you’ll be able to run a quick car hire comparison and find the most suitable car hire option for your needs. We make sure you can find an appropriate vehicle and aren’t suddenly faced with any unexpected additional charges or insurance costs. This makes financial planning a breeze.

In addition to giving you access to the best deals on the internet no matter what time it is, our technology keeps your money safe. You can rest assured that your personal information, including your important financial details, will remain secure.

Bright Compare is a completely independent company, so you can be confident that we’re keen to help you save money on your car rental. Our site is always free to use, so why not start your search now and let us help you to find your next hire car today? Maybe Personal Contract Hire could be an option for you. If so please refer to CarLoans UK

Frequently Asked Questions

At Bright Compare you can compare hire car offers and hire a car if you have bad credit but you will need to pay using a credit or debit card. Our secure website means that your personal and financial data is always protected.

Yes. At Bright Compare we will help you to find the best deal to hire a car for a month in the UK using state of the art technology. Our safe and secure website means that your personal and financial data is always protected.

Car hire firms listed on Bright Compare accept all of the major credit and debit cards to make payment for the best car hire deals on the market. Our safe and secure website means that your personal and financial data is always protected.

You can save time and money. At Bright Compare we are connected to the best deals 24/7 so we can offer you the best cars at the best price. Our safe and secure website means that your personal and financial data is protected.

To hire a car, you will need to show your booking confirmation, the credit or debit card you used to pay for the car hire and a valid driving licence you have held for at least a year (some companies ask for two years).