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Compare Airport Fast Track

Start your holiday the minute you leave home, with an airport fast track pass

With 2020 being the year of cancelled travel plans needing to compare Airport Fast Track is important, the travel industry is gearing up for a comeback in the new year. Airlines are already offering huge discounts and holiday companies are stepping up their advertising and trying to encourage customers to make early bookings, with money-off incentives. With so many people missing out on holidays last year due to the pandemic, many are already making plans and looking to splash out on the trip of a lifetime. This includes starting the minute they leave home, by purchasing an airport fast track pass!

What is airport fast track?

Airport fast track is a service which allows you to avoid queuing at airport security and use the fast track lane instead. The passes are sold separately to your holiday or flight reservation, or as an additional extra when booking other services such as airport parking, airport hotels, or airport lounge passes. They can be purchased from a number of suppliers, so it is always worth shopping around to compare airport fast track, before making a booking.

Compare airport fast track – is it worth it?

If you are looking to compare airport fast track passes and considering buying one, there are many advantages, but it does very much depend on several things. For example, if you are someone who finds queuing quite stressful, or are an anxious flyer, an airport fast track pass may help you to feel more relaxed. Equally, if you are someone who enjoys browsing in the duty-free shops, or getting a meal and starting your holiday right away, an airport fast track pass will give you more time to enjoy the airport facilities. You can take advantage of the extra time by shopping, eating, or getting a drink. You may even be the type of person who likes to purchase all their toiletries and holiday essentials at the airport, so having a little extra time to do this can be worth the extra cost.

What is the best one for me?

There are many different suppliers of airport fast track passes, so spending some time looking at airport fast track comparison is really worthwhile. Choosing the right one for you will depend on individual needs, for example, are you travelling with a young family, or alone? Is it a business trip, or a weekend break for two? What time of year and day are you travelling? Are you likely to be on a tight schedule and how busy is the airport you are travelling from?

If you are a frequent flyer, when deciding to compare airport fast track, it may be worth considering buying other premium travel memberships, such as access to the airport lounges. If you always use the same airline, you may want to look at joining their loyalty scheme, as this may include airport fast track as part of the package.

Things to look out for when doing airport fast track comparison

Whatever your reasons for wanting an airport fast track pass, before making your decision, there are some key factors to take into account:

You are not guaranteed to save time. While you will be guaranteed use of the fast track lane, if the airport is quiet, it may not save you that much time. All travellers, whoever they are and wherever they are going, will have to go through the same rigorous security checks, no matter which lane they are in. However, if you are travelling on a weekend, during the school holidays, or at a peak time of day, it could well save you a lot of time.

If you are travelling with your family and decide to avoid the stress of queuing with young children by buying an airport fast track pass, check the pass that you are buying is the right one for all of you. Some airports insist every passenger has an airport fast track pass, not just the party leader or booker, and this includes very young children, or even babies.

Things to check

Another thing to check when looking at airport fast track comparison, is the rules on airport fast track in relation to equipment such as pushchairs or child car seats. Some airports don’t permit those travelling with these items to use the fast track lanes, and refunds won’t be given for not reading the terms and conditions properly!

When paying for your airport fast track pass, check the small print and see if there is a fixed charge attached to the booking, or a transaction fee if paying via credit card.

As with many services, buying airport fast track passes in advance and online is often cheaper than buying them on the day at the airport terminal. However, some airports do offer the passes at the same price on the day, so check before you travel, by looking at airport fast track comparison.


When getting quotes online for airport fast track passes, remember the following points:

  • Who are you flying with?
  • What time of day and year are you travelling?
  • How busy is the airport?
  • What equipment will you have with you?
  • How much time do you want to spend relaxing at the airport?
  • Are you planning on purchasing essentials before you fly?
  • Will a fast track pass make you feel more relaxed?
  • Are you paying with a credit card?
How to use your pass

When making your purchase, you will usually be required to select a two-hour time slot. Once you have completed your transaction, make sure you read your confirmation properly and know how and where to use your pass when you arrive at the airport. As soon as you have checked in, you should make your way to the fast track security area and have your booking confirmation ready for staff to check it, before joining the fast track lane.

Don’t let airport queues halt your holiday before it has begun! Make sure to compare fast track passes to save time on your trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Airport fast track is a great way to speed up your holiday. It is a special lane at the security checks in the airport. The idea is you pay a little extra and you get the to miss all the queues at security in the airport.

Adding airport fast track is a Great add on to trip or holiday. Missing the stressful queues. Moving to the departure lounge in record timing and getting your holiday to a great start.

It is a great decision to compare different deals with your airport fast track. With so many great offers out there. Use Bright Compare comparison technology to compare your next fast track on your next holiday.

It is definitely worth comparing airport fast deals especially if you are travelling at peak times. You will get the best deal and price comparing airport fast track online and skip the busy queues.

Of course you can compare airport fast track within 24 hours of taking off on your flight.