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Compare Breakdown Cover

If you drive a car, motorbike or any other motor vehicle, then taking a few minutes to compare breakdown cover and purchase the right policy is a way of giving yourself peace of mind that if you find a problem with your vehicle when you’re out and about, or even when you’re setting out for an important appointment, you can get help as quickly as possible.

What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover is a complementary product that is different from the insurance cover you take to cover you in case of an accident. When you compare breakdown cover and buy the right policy, you and your family will no longer have to worry about being stranded somewhere if your vehicle breaks down and you can’t continue your trip. In many cases, it even includes assistance if you’re heading out from home and your vehicle simply won’t start.

Do I need breakdown cover?

There is no legal requirement to have breakdown cover but for your own security, it is reassuring to have. Not many of us, even those who maintain our own vehicles between services, are confident in fixing every fault that could occur, especially if it happens whilst out on the road. Even if you are confident in your abilities, if the fault is unrepairable without specialist equipment, how would you get your vehicle home?

Then there is the element of safety; your vehicle may break down in a remote area or on an extremely busy stretch of road or motorway. By making an informed choice, you can relax for all your upcoming journeys and not worry about your safety or your wallet.

Are there alternatives to breakdown cover?

Your insurer may offer breakdown cover with your motor insurance policy as an incentive but it is not usually included as standard and even if it is, it pays to read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure it covers all the circumstances you want it to cover, as it can often be very limited.

Without any form of breakdown cover, you face hefty recovery costs if your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside and high call-out rates even if the mechanic can repair it. You run the risk of having no way to get home or to your destination without paying for alternative transport and if there are a few of you in the vehicle, that’s going to add up fast.

How does breakdown cover work?

Breakdown cover is usually taken out and renewed annually, just as with your motor insurance. Usually, as a minimum, it covers sending a mechanic to you if your vehicle breaks down in order to attempt to get you going again. If that is not possible, then most cover will include sending a recovery vehicle to take you to your home or their nearest recognised garage for repair.

Depending on the age of your vehicle and the level of cover your policy offers, the number of call-outs they will attend might be restricted but it can often be unlimited and some policies offer extras such as overnight accommodation or onward travel if your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside. By making a breakdown cover comparison and then buying the right breakdown cover, you give yourself reassurance that you won’t be faced with any unexpected emergency call-out fees if your vehicle does break down.

Can I decide on my level of cover?

Absolutely and by comparing more than one breakdown provider, you have more options to choose from and more ways to tailor the cover, and therefore the cost, for you. A breakdown cover comparison will show you that there are many policies available offering unlimited call-outs but you may choose one with a set number of call-outs per year or choose to pay a small excess each time to reduce the policy cost.

You may or may not want additional cover such as driving in Europe, home starts or accidental misfuelling so you can choose a policy accordingly. Many drivers specifically want one or all of those things and so opt for cover that provides them at a price they can afford.

Who is covered by my breakdown cover?

This is where you must pay attention to your policy as roughly half of breakdown policies cover the vehicle itself regardless as to who is driving and the remainder cover you the driver, no matter what vehicle you are in. If you share a family vehicle think carefully about which policy would suit you best.

Where am I covered by my breakdown cover?

Most policies cover the UK mainland as standard. If you make predominantly short journeys close to home, check your policy doesn’t exclude a radius of the first 5-10 miles around your address as this can be quite common. However, if you are only concerned about breaking down a long way from your home, then policies with this exclusion zone may save you money. If you frequently drive to mainland Europe then make sure your policy will cover you there and also for how long per year/trip.

Tips for making an informed breakdown cover comparison

Think about the following when comparing:

  • Who needs to be covered?
  • Where do I need to be covered?
  • Do I need help if I break down at home?
  • Do I need unlimited call-outs or just a set number a year?
  • Would I rather pay an excess if I need a call-out to reduce my upfront costs?
  • Do I want cover for mis-fuelling?
How can I compare breakdown cover products and providers?

At Bright Compare, our smart technology makes comparing breakdown cover policies easy. Select what you want from your cover, give us a few details and we’ll get quotes from multiple providers to save you filling in forms over and over again. Then you just pick the right one for you. We know where to find the best deals any time of the day or night and our secure website means your data will always be protected.

We’re 100% free and totally independent so why not compare today and get peace of mind cover for all your motoring needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor breakdown cover is a type of insurance cover that can assist you if your motor vehicle breaks down. The idea is - when you motor vehicles breakdown, your cover can assist you so your motor vehicle and yourself aren’t left stranded on the roadside. Its is always a good idea to shop and compare motor breakdown cover as they is always deals to be had.

Yes you can on most motor breakdown companies. They can give you the choice of either a monthly direct debit from your bank account or a one-off payment with a debit or credit card.

With most motor breakdown cover companies, the vehicle is on the cover not the person, so no matter who is driving, the vehicle is always covered.

When comparing breakdown, they are so many deals to be had when joining. It's a great idea to compare breakdown cover deals and plans so you're getting the best price.

At Bright Compare we have partnered up with the leading breakdown cover companies to offer their best deals and prices to win your business. It's a great idea to compare the different breakdown cover prices and deals and see which plan is best for you.