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Car insurance comparison sites such as Bright Compare are the easiest way to find a wide range of cheap car insurance quotes. By entering your details and considering what coverage you need, you can use the site to compare cheap car insurance quotes from a range of insurance brands, giving you the chance to make an informed choice.

What insurance coverage do I need?

There are three main levels of cover to consider when choosing car insurance. The more comprehensive the coverage, the more you are likely to pay in premiums. The three main levels of cover are:

What do you need to get a quote?

To compare car insurance, you will need a number of details to get started. Firstly, the details of the vehicle are essential, such as the registration number although the make and model is sufficient, together with any modifications. Any existing no-claims discount will serve to lower your quote.

There are a variety of online tools that you can use to work out how many years of no-claims your insurer will honour. The usage of the car will also affect your quote; will you be using it for social, commuting or business and the amount of mileage you’ll roughly cover a year is another important factor.

Where the car is stored overnight will also be of interest. How long you have had your driving licence and the type of licence you hold are also important, plus any additional driving qualifications you may have. Finally, you will be asked for your personal details such as your employment, age, address and the same questions for any additional drivers on your policy will apply. Any driving convictions will also need to be entered.

Car model

Some cars are more expensive to insure. By choosing your car carefully, you may be able to reduce your policy costs.

Mileage: limiting your mileage can reduce your car insurance premiums. The further and more frequently you drive, the greater your risk of being involved in an accident and needing to make a claim.
Increase your voluntary excess: if you can afford a higher voluntary excess, it’s worth considering increasing it, as a higher excess can reduce your premium.

Add-ons to consider will include:

In common with most other types of insurance, when you compare car insurance, the provision of the details listed above will ensure that your policy will be tailored to you. There will also be the opportunity to select add-ons, to help you choose the right options for your specific circumstances. Changing your insurance annually will typically save you a significant amount, so it is always worth performing a car insurance comparison.

Younger drivers and learners will almost invariably pay a higher premium for car insurance due to their limited experience. Some insurance companies will offer a specialist policy.

There are specific insurance policies for those who use their car for business purposes which includes using the car on the behalf of your employer.

Using an app or a ‘black box’ installed in your car, your insurer can observe how you drive. For careful drivers, this could result in a significant reduction in premiums.

Most of Europe allows you to drive using your UK car insurance but there are some countries where this isn’t the case.
Multi-car insurance: this provides cover for those with more than one car registered at their address. A multi-car policy could save you significant sums.

Classic cars tend to cost more to insure, reflecting their value and the cost of parts, labour, and repairs when things go wrong. It may be necessary to take out a specific classic car insurance policy. However, many classic car policies mitigate this by offering annual mileage limits.

Frequently asked questions

What is the penalty for having no car insurance?

If stopped by the police for driving without insurance, you could be issued with a £300 fixed penalty and given 6 points on your license. If your case goes to court, the fine is unlimited and you could be disqualified from driving.

Why should I compare car insurance every year?

Comparing car insurance premiums each year will help you to ensure that you are receiving the best deal for your cover. Just accepting the renewal price from your current insurer could end up costing you hundreds of pounds, so take the time to compare.

Do you have to have car insurance?

Yes. It is illegal in the UK for a motor vehicle to be driven on public roads without at least TPO (third party only) insurance. Driving without insurance can lead to a fixed penalty fine and 6 points on your license.

Third-party only (often known as TPO) coverage will only pay for damage to third-party vehicles or people if you are at fault for an accident. Your vehicle is not covered against damage, nor would it be covered against fire or theft.

Which car insurance type is the best to take out?

Fully comprehensive car insurance will provide you with the most cover in almost all circumstances. Fully comprehensive cover will pay for your car to be repaired as well as any damage caused to others if you are at fault for an accident.

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