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If you are planning on investing in a caravan or own one already, it is important to know how to protect it. Standard car insurance policies may not cover a caravan properly and, in the case of an accident, you might find yourself suddenly facing a huge problem. Knowing what is covered and what to look out for means you can compare caravan insurance with confidence.

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Why should you compare caravan insurance?

While car insurance is compulsory for all vehicles on the road, caravan insurance is not a compulsory requirement. Your caravan will be covered by your car insurance. However, a specialist insurance policy will offer protection should anything happen to your caravan. If you were in a road accident while pulling a touring caravan, the car insurance policy on your vehicle will only extend to third party cover. Any damage inflicted to the caravan by the accident will not be covered. This would be the same for the caravan being stolen or damaged in any other way.


It is also important to consider the possessions kept in your caravan, such as cooking or kitchen equipment. If cutlery, bedding, or the caravan TV is stolen, how will you replace them? The home contents insurance on your main home may or may not cover property in your caravan – but if you have not specified these items on your policy, you may find yourself out of pocket in replacing lost items. A specific caravan insurance policy will ensure peace of mind.

If you have a second-hand caravan that you only use once or twice a year, you might not feel the need to have specific cover for any knocks or bumps that might happen. But if you use your caravan regularly or have spent a considerable amount on a new one, repairs or replacements could cost a great deal if the worst happens.

Caravan insurance comparison – The different types

Caravan insurance is most commonly available in two main types for the two main kinds of caravans.

Touring caravan is towed by a car or another type of vehicle. If you had an accident while driving with a touring caravan, the car insurance would most likely cover damage to the car but not damage to the caravan. Protecting a touring caravan against damage or theft will require a separate policy.

Static caravan is a semi-permanent structure made of more solid materials that is housed on a purposefully-designed site where there are amenities. It will typically have a connection to an external water or power supply. As static caravans are more similar to a residence and are extremely unlikely to face any damage on the road, an insurance policy is more akin to a home insurance policy. A policy for a static caravan should cover third party damage, internal damage, external damage, and theft.


Motorhomes are not covered by caravan insurance. This is because they are not classified as a caravan because they function as a vehicle as well as accommodation. Covering a motorhome will require specific motorhome insurance.

There are other types of insurance that cater for the needs of caravan owners.

– New for old cover pays out for the value of a brand new equivalent caravan.
– Market value pays out for the current value of your caravan
– Optional cover with caravan insurance may include cover for possessions stored inside the caravan and breakdown cover
– You may be required to investigate specific insurance cover if you plan to use your caravan in Europe now that the UK has left the EU

What does caravan insurance cover?

A specialist caravan insurance policy should cover:

– If your caravan is stolen, whether it is detached from your car or it has been parked outside a home or in a caravan park
– If your caravan is broken into and the contents are stolen or damaged
– The inside of your caravan is damaged following an accident, such as a gas fire or a water leak
– Your caravan incurs damage from an external source, either when it’s being towed or is simply parked
– If you injure a third party or cause damage to their property following an accident

It is important to thoroughly research caravan insurance policies and what they offer. You may find that a caravan insurance policy does not cover:

– When Damage or theft that occurs because of a lack of security on your part, such as not using hitch locks, wheel clamps or simply leaving the windows open
– Damage that is caused by simple wear and tear
– Damage caused by an infestation of insects or vermin
– When Damage from mildew or damp
– Storage at a location that doesn’t meet the policy requirements

Knowing what is available and what might not be included is why it’s important to compare caravan insurance thoroughly using our comparison service before choosing a provider.

Finding the best caravan insurance to fit your situation and requirements can be time-consuming. That’s where Bright Compare can help. At Bright Compare, we make sure that you get the best deal every time. Our comparison technology can really put our users right into the driving seat with every financial decision they make. After all, there are nearly a million caravans in use in the UK – Bright Compare wants all those caravan users to get the very best deal they can!

Our smart comparison technology helps find the right deal that suits your unique situation and makes sure you get the best quotes in the fastest time. Our website is fully secure and entirely independent and impartial – we are not sponsored by any of the major providers. We do not sell any user data and will make sure that you never miss a renewal.

Our service is simple, easy, and always accessible. The Bright Compare website is there 24 hours a day to for caravan insurance comparison at any time you need to – whether that’s over breakfast, scrolling in the evening, or in the middle of the night.

Can I compare van insurance if I have bad credit?

Absolutely, anyone can use our comparison tool to compare van insurance deals. People with bad credit may well find that they need specialist insurance, as a credit check is carried out during the quotation process. Providing all details in full can help the process.

Why do you need caravan insurance?

As with car insurance, if you don’t have the appropriate caravan insurance and you have an accident, you will be liable to pay for the damage and repair to both your caravan and the other vehicles involved. You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, so don’t do it with your beloved home away from home.

Is caravan insurance compulsory?

Caravan insurance is not compulsory. However, the cost of an insurance premium is a small price to pay in comparison to the bills you could be facing if your caravan suffers a loss, accident and damage.

Why should I compare caravan insurance?

You should always compare caravan insurance to make sure you have the best policy for your needs. Policies will vary depending on whether your vehicle is static, used for holidays, or on a caravan park complex. Compare insurance for the best price.

Do I need to compare caravan insurance?

If you are looking for caravan insurance, we can show you a range of policies for touring vehicles, as well as static caravans and caravan park cover. Always compare caravan insurance to ensure you are getting the best deal for your needs.

Does a caravan need an MOT and insurance?

Caravans are not required by law to have an MOT, however, if you are planning on travelling with your caravan, you should ensure it meets safety standards and has an annual service to check the gas, water and electrical systems.

Do I need to pay for road tax on a caravan

No. Caravans do not have to be taxed by law, however, if you wish to park your caravan on the road, it is always worth checking with the council or local police force to see if there are any restrictions around parking.

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