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Everyone loves a bargain and when it comes to choosing the best flight for your holiday, there can be a huge range of choice and you need reassurance that you have found the best price for your flight. There are a few things to consider, including how much you’re prepared to pay for convenience such as the time you’re flying, any connections you might need to make and how quickly you want to get there.

You will also need to work out how the flight availability and airport area relates to the accommodation you’re planning. It’s a false economy if you find a cheap flight but then have to spend a great deal of money on taxis or extra accommodation if the airport connections to your hotel aren’t so good.

There are also a few technical tips that you might like to consider that may help you find a better price when you come to compare flights. Here are some simple tips to help you get the best price from your flight comparison.

Use the best flights comparison sites

When you start to look for your flights comparison details, come to Bright Compare and benefit from the latest technology and our extensive range of partnerships. You may find some fairly dramatic variations when you come to compare flights. Not all flight comparison sites will include for example regional budget airlines.

Go incognito when you compare flights

Have you ever noticed when you’re doing a flights comparison on third party sites that you seem to bag a good price but then when you come to book it, the price has changed. Annoying as this is, when you press that accept cookies button, your search terms are stored and you may find that the prices are inflated the next time you come to look.

To go incognito, there’s a number of different commands depending on which browser you use, but each time you re-open an incognito window, the cookies are reset. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, press Command (or ‘Control’ if you’re using a PC), Shift and ‘P’. If you’re using Google Chrome or Safari, press Command (or ‘control’ on a PC), Shift and ‘N’. Browsing incognito should give you the lowest prices each time.

Compare flights for the best time to travel

When you book your flight, try to plan well in advance and allow yourself some flexibility if you can. You will usually find that certain days are much cheaper, when the demand may be lower. Generally, weekend flights tend to be more expensive but this is not always the case. Start by just looking for a single flight, enter the details of the departure and arrival cities, even if you want a return ticket as this will give you a good idea as to the best days to travel.

If you say that you’re available all month and look for the flight prices throughout the month, you’ll usually spot a pattern as to the cheaper days. Once you’ve chosen your flight out, you can then see how it connects for a return flight or you may find that looking for return flights as a separate exercise can give you two single tickets that work out to be a cheaper option.

Use different travel options to work out the flight comparison costs

If you know the general area that you’re trying to get to, it’s worth seeing where the nearest airports are. You may find that it’s cheaper to fly to an airport that is slightly further away and make the rest of the journey by coach, train or a low-cost regional budget airline. Be careful if you choose this option that the timetables will work for you. Allow for delays so that if your flight is delayed you don’t risk missing the connecting coach or train.

On the other hand, you don’t want to find yourself waiting for hours at unsociable times to be able to complete the next part of the journey. Remember that you may be feeling tired and hungry and anxious to get the journey completed. You can also turn this to your advantage and decide to spend those extra hours by checking into a budget hotel and enjoying seeing a different city or area before completing the rest of your journey.

Start your flight comparison search early

It’s worth familiarising yourself with the special offers and discounts that different airlines may offer from time to time before you start to plan your flights. Sign up for email newsletters or follow different airlines on their social media accounts and look for special offers or discount codes. These are great if you have the flexibility to travel at short notice and you can take advantage of the special offers when you see them.

Understand the cheapest options in your flight comparison

If you’re really looking for the cheapest flight option, you may have to weigh up the pros and cons of the cheap prices that the budget airlines can offer. There are some real bargains to be found but you need to consider the price, comfort and convenience. The cheaper prices may be at times that are very late at night or early morning or they may have several stops making it a longer journey time.

Ultimately, you need to consider what’s most important to you. You can also save money with the budget airlines by looking very carefully at the hand-luggage restrictions and work out if you can pack carefully enough to avoid the extra costs of putting your luggage in the hold. Travelling light can save you a lot of money, and you can wash your clothes during your holiday.


There are some drawbacks in that you might want to bring back souvenirs and need to pay extra if your luggage on the return journey is heavier than on the way out. Measure and weigh your hand luggage carefully if you are planning to do this as the costs of checking extra luggage in at the airport will be higher than if you do it at the time of booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

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