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Gadget Insurance

There’s nothing worse than getting a fantastic new gadget for Christmas, only to have an accident and end up with a piece of broken or damaged tech. Gadget insurance is a fantastic option to avoid the worry and hefty fees that can come about with this, especially with the more delicate gadgets.

What is gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance focuses on providing cover for technological items. It covers items such as mobile phones, cameras, tablets, laptops, GPS devices, music players, games consoles, smart watches, and E-Readers. If you want to protect your prized and often costly gadgets from damage then gadget insurance is a must-have. There are various plans for gadget insurance available out there, as well as many websites that give you the chance to compare gadget insurance.

What exactly is my coverage when it comes to gadget insurance?

There are a wide variety of incidents that are covered when it comes to gadget insurance. Some of the most common include the following:

– Theft: Gadgets are often the first thing that attracts thieves—alongside money of course—so theft is an obvious coverage element that needs to be utilised when it comes to insuring your gadgets.
– Accidental damage: As we said at the beginning, there are always bound to be accidents that occur, and gadgets are highly susceptible to this due to their delicate nature. This will cover accidents such as cracked screens, dropped gadgets, and any other accidental damages.
– Liquid damage: Similar to accidental damage, this kind of coverage ensures that you are protected from any liquid spillages that could severely affect your gadgets.
– Mechanical failures: An unexpected mechanical error—such as sudden device failure—can also be covered by gadget insurance.
– Unauthorised call coverage: Linking back to the point on theft, if you have a mobile phone that is stolen and calls are being made on it then you can obtain coverage—up to a certain amount—for the call bill.
– Worldwide coverage: This kind of coverage is akin to travel insurance, allowing your gadgets to be covered whilst in certain areas abroad. This is only if you are abroad for less than four weeks consecutively and there are certain factors that can invalidate your coverage, such as advice form the Commonwealth and Development Offices.

These are just a few of the base features against which your gadgets can be covered. These can vary from website to website, so it is essential to ensure that you peruse a variety of gadget insurance comparison sites so you know exactly what coverage you’re entitled to.

What is Not Covered by my Gadget Insurance?

There are certain elements of gadget loss or damage that are excluded in various policies such as the following:

– Age limitations: Certain gadgets and devices can only be covered if they are up to three years old. You can not always claim on older devices.
– Cosmetic damage: Damage that only affects the general look of your gadget is not something that you can claim on, as it doesn’t affect the actual performance of the gadget.
– Wear and tear: General scrapes and scratches aren’t able to be covered by insurance either, similarly to cosmetic damage. If it doesn’t affect the product’s performance then you’re unlikely to get coverage.
– Theft: Whether or not you are covered for theft depends on the circumstances. If your gadget gets stolen from a personal space—such as work or your home—then you may not be entitled to coverage. For instance, if your gadget is stolen due to a burglary in your home, then you may have to show evidence of forced entry before you can claim on your insurance.
– Loss: Similar to the above, loss of a gadget can be claimed, but the circumstances surrounding said loss will affect whether or not you are entitled to some compensation. For example, if your gadget has been left out in the open or in plain sight, then it is unlikely you will be able to get coverage. Make sure that you have all of the information with regards to when and where your gadget was when it was lost—including specific times and days—so you have a better chance of gaining coverage.


If your gadget is still under a warranty then you likely won’t be able to claim any coverage.


It is imperative that you keep all the appropriate paperwork and documentation with any and all gadgets that you purchase and intend to insure. Receipts are absolutely crucial as a proof of purchase. Other vital information titbits can include a police reference number—which can be obtained if you report your gadget as stolen—or a credit or debit card statement.

Again, these are only a few of the features that aren’t covered when it comes to gadget insurance. It is so important to compare gadget insurance as you go, so you know who offers what as well as knowing what isn’t covered by whom. Thoroughly researching gadget insurance comparison websites is indispensable.

How do I compare gadget insurance?

That’s what gadget insurance comparison websites are for! You can browse at your leisure to find the policy that suits you and your specific gadgets.

What should I look for in a gadget insurance comparison website?

That is completely up to you! Everyone has specific and individual needs when it comes to any kind of insurance, and gadget insurance is no exception. The best plan of action is to scour the various gadget insurance comparison sites that are out there, and find one that suits your needs. You may need more or less coverage depending on how many gadgets you have and what factors you feel they need to be insured for.

Gadget insurance is not much different from the many other kinds of insurance but it is clear that you need to do your research (including researching the sites that compare gadget insurance) and know exactly what you’re getting before you make a gadget insurance decision.