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Holiday Insurance

There has been a steep decline in holidays and travel taken due to the COVID pandemic this past year. But at some point, many of us will be taking to the roads and skies once again. With this in mind, it’s extremely important to consider holiday insurance when planning your trip. Needless to say, you know that anything could happen when you least expect it.

Whether it’s for business or leisure, you will want to have the extra security that holiday insurance provides. Emergencies such as needing to cut your trip short, or to pay for oversees medical facilities benefit from holiday insurance. So, what exactly is the purpose of holiday insurance and why is it so important? Here at Bright Compare, we take a look further…

Holiday insurance and its importance

This is an insurance policy you take out to provide you with extra protection if your holiday or travel doesn’t go to plan. Just like car insurance or phone insurance, holiday insurance covers a multitude of things. Things that could cause extra expenditure that you don’t have immediate funds for. Holiday insurance is extremely important because it provides that added peace of mind financially. You won’t need to spend more money if something goes wrong.

And if you are travelling alone, it’s even more important to organise holiday insurance. It means that you’ll have complete peace of mind and the support available instantly.

What does holiday insurance cover?

Holiday insurance should always cover the following circumstances:

• medical expenses
• needing to travel home if you are injured or fall ill, particularly overseas
• personal injury caused by accidents
• lost, stolen or damaged items
• lost or delayed luggage
• missed flights or cancellation

If you choose not to take out holiday insurance and something happens, you will have cover the expenses yourself. In the case of having to cancel your trip, there might be no way of getting your money back.

Where can I buy holiday insurance?

You can buy holiday insurance from a number of providers, making it easily accessible.

You can purchase a policy from the following:

• banks/building societies – some current accounts already include holiday or travel insurance, but you will need to check
• insurance companies
• Post Office
• retailers
• holiday companies
• comparison websites, such as Bright Compare

How much will holiday insurance cost?

This really depends on a few factors. Are you going on a single trip or will you be making more than one trips within the year? If a single trip insurance policy is more suited, policies can start from small change. Such as £5 for travel to Europe, or approximately £13 for travel to the US. Multiple trip holiday insurance sells for around £10 to Europe and just over £20 for worldwide cover.

However, these figures are just guidelines. You also must consider your age, where you are travelling to and what you want your policy to specifically cover. This is why carrying out a holiday insurance comparison can help you pinpoint the best deal for you.

DIY holidays and holiday insurance

Many of us are now opting to pick and choose specific elements of our perfect holiday or business trip. You could select flights that you have found that wouldn’t usually be part of a package holiday. You can also select your accommodation in the same way.

We are adopting a more tailored approach when it comes to travel more than ever before. This makes holiday insurance even more significant. Plus, when you choose a more tailored holiday, you will need protection that reflects this.

The best way to ensure that you get the right cover for your chosen holiday is to compare holiday insurance.

Compare holiday insurance

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the correct insurance for your trip. You need a tailored policy to suit your travel needs and ensure that you are protected from the outset. And let’s face it, no one can predict the future and know exactly what is going to happen. However, at least you can plan and adapt as best you can for unforeseen changes before the trip.

So, what can you do to get the best deal around for your holiday insurance? Here at Bright Compare, you can compare thousands of quotes from multiple insurance companies. We’ll find the perfect policy for you. Our tailored holiday insurance comparison service matches options to your age, reason for travel and needs.

Holiday insurance comparison for the best deal…

Unlike some of our competitors, Bright Compare is completely independent, as we are not owned by an insurance company. This also means that we are connected to the best deals out there when it comes to your holiday cover.

We make discovering the perfect holiday insurance policy, quick and simple. Once you are ready to compare holiday insurance, all you need to do is enter your details. Our smart technology will do the rest. We have access to the best holiday insurance deals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll find you quotes in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is check what deal suits you best and apply. We will then sort out all the paperwork for you.

So, when you’re ready, we will be here. In the meantime, you can check out our other insurances and products that could save you thousands each year!

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