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It has never been easier to compare holiday prices online rather than going through a traditional travel agent. From researching destinations to booking flights and accommodation separately, everything is available at the touch of a button. Holiday deals have become increasingly popular. So have holidays comparison websites, but what are the advantages of performing a holidays comparison here at Bright Compare?

Flights for holiday comparison

Flights can differ in price depending on which airport you are willing to fly from. Most people in the UK are lucky enough to live reasonably close to several airports. It may not be practical to choose between Bournemouth and Aberdeen airports, but you could find yourself saving a lot of money if you are happy to fly from Cardiff rather than Bristol.

The holiday price difference can depend on several things. The flight route you are taking as regular flights can be cheaper so that airlines have a bigger quota of seats to fill. It can also depend on airport taxes and supply and demand at the time you are looking. Being able to compare all of these flights on one site can save you a lot of time and money.

Holidays Deals Comparison

Routes for holidays comparison

The route you are happy to take to reach your travel destination can have an enormous bearing on the price. It can be cheaper if you don’t fly directly for example .But you will need to consider whether it is worth saving the extra money if it causes you more hassle.

For local flights, it may be a lot easier to go directly but for a longer flight you might want to break up the traveling rather than trying to travel in one stint. A stopover in Singapore en route to Australia could offer you a welcome break and it could also save you a few hundred pounds. For long haul, a break is probably worth considering as long as it doesn’t add too much time to your flight.

The good thing about holiday price comparison here at Bright Compare is that you can research this. Our technology will show you how different your travel time will be as well as the price difference. We will also allow you to compare hotels for your stopover as well so you can make sure you are getting a suitable hotel between flights.

Hotels for holidays comparison

Hotels will offer various deals to different tour operators so to get the best deals when you compare holiday prices. It is really useful to be able to look at all the offers at the same time rather than having to go to a number of websites to find the best deals. This way you can make sure you don’t miss the best offer.

There is a huge array of options when choosing the right hotel for your holiday. Being able to use tick boxes when you compare holidays is invaluable as different travellers want different things. If you are looking for a party, then you want to know that your hotel is near the best nightclubs. If you are looking for a relaxing break, you may prefer to choose the option for a spa in your hotel. There will doubtless be several things on your hotel wish list, and a comparison site tick box list will save you hours of trawling through various hotel websites.

Theatre Breaks – compare holidays

Theatre breaks are also available for comparison and you can save considerable hassle this way. In many cases, when you want to book a theatre break, you will need to think about a hotel and theatre tickets and our technology will show you the best deals to be had for both of these. If you have options as to which show you want to watch, you can compare prices for the theatres which have the best seats available.

The best hotel to stay in may depend on what show you want to see as you will no doubt want to stay in a hotel near the theatre. Our price comparison technology will show you both hotels and theatre venues and let you know how far you will need to travel in between.

Dinner is often included in a theatre break too. A comparison can help you with recommendations for dinner and ensuring that the hotel or restaurant is in proximity to the theatre. You don’t want to end up traveling miles to get to the theatre from the restaurant as you will have time constraints, so this is important.

If dinner is included in the overall package, make sure you read the small print as this may only include a set menu or number of courses. A good comparison site will tell you exactly what this includes.

All Inclusive holidays comparison

Searching all-inclusive or package deals on our comparison sites can save you a great deal of money as the packages can be available for different prices depending on the tour operator and you want to make sure you get the best deal from all of them.

It is also worth looking to see what these deals actually include. Some of these will offer you the flight, transfer, and hotel but many of them will also offer you food and drink for one set price. Read the small print to see what this includes too. An all inclusive may look quite expensive but if it includes alcoholic drinks as well as ice creams for the kids, this could save you a lot of money when you are actually on holiday, so it is worth weighing up your options.

There are plenty of great reasons to use our holiday comparison software. It is best to do some research first to decide where you want to go and what sort of holiday you are looking for and then put together a check list of the things you definitely want on your holiday, for example flight times or a swimming pool.

Once you have these, perform your holiday comparison with Bright Compare to make sure you get the best deal from all the offers available. This will take the headache out of the planning process and ensure that you get the best holiday for the most reasonable price. Bon voyage

City Break Comparison

Sometimes you might want to swap the beach for a culturally rich city full of sights to see and landmarks to visit. There are many tourist friendly services available in famous cities, that can offer packages of tours, catering and other excursions. 

So whether it is London, Berlin, Rome or Madrid, we’ll find you the perfect city break at the cheapest price here at Bright Compare. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for independent holiday comparisons with added security? Choose Bright Compare. Our smart technology makes comparing holiday deals even easier and more secure than ever before. Independent results available within seconds 24/7. Take the work out of your holidays and choose Bright Compare today!

Yes. You can save time and money with Bright Compare smart technology. Compare the hottest deals 24/7 for your perfect getaway. Our software is secure, easy to use and you receive reliable quotes within seconds. Compare with us and make huge savings today!

Yes. If you're treating yourself to a getaway, grab the best last minute deals with Bright Compare’s smart technology. Compare and buy your holiday using our easy, secure site. We deliver reliable results within seconds. We’re open 24/7. Where do you want to go?

Yes. You can compare last minute getaway deals with Bright Compare. Our smart technology identifies the best offers for you within seconds. Our smart technology and secure site are available 24/7. There’s no time to lose! Where would you like to go?

When is the best time to book a holiday?

It is usually recommended to book your holiday around 6 months in advance to have the best chance of getting your holiday at the cheapest rate. 

That being said, you may be able to land some unbelievable deals if you leave it until the last minute. But of course, this requires you to be spontaneous in your choices, as there is no guarantee that certain places will be available within your budget. 

Last minute deals come about due to the need to fill up seats on planes and rooms in hotels. If there are any must have last minute deals on the travel market, you can guarantee that we will find it for you.  

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