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When it comes to planning your holiday and looking to book your hotel online. There are a wide range of factors to take into account to make sure you get the right hotel for you, in the best location, at the right price and with the right facilities. 

When you use our hotels comparison technology, you will discover plenty of choice. You can use filters to make sure that you’re only looking at offers that are suitable for you. The following are some handy tips to consider to help you make the right choice.

Compare hotels early in your holiday planning

If you can be flexible as to when and where you want to go, it’s worth starting your holiday planning early. Hotel prices vary enormously according to the season and the demand for hotel rooms. If you start looking early and entering the areas you’re considering into the search options and the check in dates that you’re likely to want, you’ll get a better idea as to when the cheaper prices are available.

You may find that certain check in and check out days are cheaper or if you can travel outside school holiday times. You’ll almost certainly find the prices are significantly lower. Sometimes, price isn’t a factor; if you want a hotel room with the best views, larger rooms, a hot tub or other luxuries, then it’s worth starting to look early to make sure you can reserve the room you want.

Mixing and Matching in your hotels comparison search

The great thing about using Bright Compare’s hotel comparison technology is that you have all the information at your fingertips to be able to plan your holiday from your sofa. Whether you want to spend the entire holiday in the same hotel or if you prefer to travel around. You can plan and budget your trip and make arrangements for travel, car hire and hotel bookings, safe in the knowledge that everything has been planned in advance to save the frustration of trying to make arrangements when you arrive.

One key advantage of this approach is that you may find that certain hotels are more expensive as they’re closer to facilities that you might want to use; the beach, great shopping areas or areas where there is plenty to see and do. By checking your arrangements online, you can work out if it’s better value to take a hotel that’s further away from the main hustle and bustle and arrange car hire so you can easily get around. Alternatively, you can plan to stay in more than one hotel if your budget won’t stretch to a long stay in a top-class luxury hotel. Just plan a few nights there and then complement it with something with a lower budget for the rest of your holiday.

Compare hotels carefully and check out the reviews

When you’re looking to book a hotel online, it’s worth taking time to look out for reviews. There will often be one or two people who may have had a poor experience, but that can be for reasons beyond the hotel’s control. If there have been noisy roadworks nearby or some technical faults with the air conditioning for example, then although that’s not good for those individual holidaymakers, it’s likely that the problem has been addressed. If the reviews consistently say that the staff were rude, the hotel was dirty, it was noisy or badly maintained then you may wish to re-think your plans as it’s likely that these issues will continue as a result of poor hotel management.

Check the small details when you compare hotels

When you’re choosing your hotel, make sure that it can cater for any specific requirements that you may have. If you have specific dietary requirements, for example, you are living with limited mobility or you need to take a pet. Check before you book that the hotel can accommodate your needs.

Some requirements extend beyond the boundaries of the hotel. For example, if you have limited mobility, you could potentially arrange a room on the ground floor or one that’s wheelchair accessible. However, you need to make sure that there’s no flight of steps outside leading to the hotel that’s likely to cause a problem for you. You might also want to check the facilities in the hotel. If you’re looking for peace and quiet but the hotel has lots of bustling nightlife programmes, you may find that the late night noise isn’t suitable for you.

Consider the itinerary

In carrying out your hotels comparison, it’s worth making sure that the availability and locations suit your other travel arrangements. You need to work out the times, dates and location of your arrivals and departures or you may find yourself unable to get from the airport or station to the hotel as it’s too far or you’ve arrived at an unsociable hour.

Many hotels have a shuttle bus service but these can sometimes run very limited schedules. It may be that you need to confirm with the hotel that you’ve arrived and they book you on to the shuttle bus. These can sometimes be very crowded and run on a first come, first served basis. It can sometimes be difficult to find where they pick up and drop off when you first arrive at the airport. Try to do your homework beforehand to make sure you get the information you need before you arrive. It’s a good idea to look through reviews to see if other travellers have commented on this.

Use other online resources for more information when you compare hotels

It’s always useful to check online to get a general feel for the hotel you’re looking at and the surrounding area. With the great detail that you can get from Google maps, you can type in the location of your hotel and have a look around the neighbourhood. This often helps as the promotional photos of the hotel can be very creatively taken. This may look very appealing but looking at a map might reveal a motorway nearby or a vast chemical processing plant on the opposite side of the road!

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