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Buying a new mobile phone or switching packages/providers can be something of a minefield and they are literally thousands of options available.

Mobile phones comparison

If you have some idea as to the phone and sort of deal that you want, then using our mobile phones comparison tool will help you to narrow down your choices even further – and make things simpler for you in-terms of applying (where needed).

Popular mobile brands

The most popular brands of mobile phone handsets in the UK (by market share) are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and Sony.

UK mobile phone networks

The four main mobile network providers in the UK are:


EE’s network is the largest in the UK and offer over 99% coverage for 4G and 5G is enabled in 58 towns/cities. EE offers an average connection speed of 30Mbps on their 4G network. This network offers SIM-only and pay monthly contracts, all of which include call minutes, SMS, and data usage. EE’s customer support is based in the UK.


This network O2 offer pay as you go, pay monthly, and SIM-only options and they offers 99% coverage for 4G and there are 21 5G-enabled cities/towns on their network. Their network offers a connection speed of 15.16Mbps (on average). Pay monthly contracts are either 18 or 24 months in length. O2 also offers a range of great benefits for its customers, including priority booking for events at O2 venues.


Another of the ‘big 4’, Vodafone has enabled 5G on its network in 26 towns/cities across the UK, whilst its 4G coverage is around 99%. With a combination of PAYG, SIM-only, and monthly contract deals. Vodafone have won several awards for their network performance and SIM-only deals. Customers can also benefit from the Vodafone ‘Very Me’ reward scheme.

Three mobile offers extensive 4G coverage across the UK (approximately 99%). They have also 39 towns/cities that are 5G-enabled. They offer an average network connection speed of 22.5Mbps. Also they offer phone-and-SIM and SIM-only deals on a variety of contracts. Some deals have limited allowances whilst some have unlimited minutes/texts. In addition, Three’s network allows Wi-Fi calling in locations where there’s no stable mobile signal.

Between them, these four have around 80 million customers.

What to look for?

One of the first things to decide is whether to go for a pay monthly contract, a pay as you go option, or a SIM-only deal. Each of these have their advantages and disadvantages.


Pay monthly deals, you are likely to be tied to a contract of between 12 and 24 months in length. You will often be able to get a free device – indeed it is not uncommon for the latest phones to be available on pay monthly contracts first. Great Pay-monthly deals will nearly always include a larger allowance of calls, texts, and data than PAYG, making them an excellent option for text addicts and those who love to chat.

Because payments are made monthly by Direct Debit, it makes managing your money much simpler and you don’t need to worry about topping up or running out of credit. If you stay within your usage allowances, your monthly payment should be the same each month, making budgeting much easier.

Pay as you go

Many people prefer the convenience and freedom that comes with a pay as you go package. There are no fixed monthly charges, no need for a credit check, and you are not tied to a contract. If you use up your credit then you won’t be able to make any further calls or send texts. This allows you to keep your spending under control.

Main downsides are that you will have to buy a handset (and may not be able to get the latest models), and you will not get an allowance of minutes/texts/data (instead, you just make your way through the credit). This is probably the best option for people who don’t use their mobiles that often or who don’t want to commit to a lengthy contract.


Options for SIM-only deals are again to either pay monthly or pay as you go. Main differences is that pay monthly deals will include a pre-determined allowance of calls, data, and texts, whilst a pay as you go option needs credit to be topped up when it runs low. Neither SIM-only option will include a handset. These deals are available on 30-day rolling contracts or 12-month contracts.

SIM-only is a good option for those who are happy with their current handset, make lots of calls/send lots of texts, and don’t wish to commit to a long contract.


Once you have decided whether to go for pay monthly, PAYG, SIM only PAYG, or SIM-only pay monthly, you can then drill-down a little further in-terms of customising the deal that you are looking for. Other considerations at this point when you want to compare mobile phones include:

  • Phone make/model
  • Cost
  • Allowances (data, minutes, texts)
  • Network provider
  • Freebies and incentives
  • Contract length/ease of exit
  • 5G?
What is 5G and which mobile networks provide it?

5G is the latest generation of mobile technology. It offers significantly faster download and upload speeds. Launched in 2019, 5G is now available on the following networks (in selected locations):

  • BT
  • EE
  • O2
  • Sky
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Three
  • Vodafone
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Why not compare mobile phones and mobile packages using our smart mobile phones comparison tech today? We will always try and find the best deals for you and our database is updated in real-time to reflect the best new offers and packages from a huge range of providers.

All you need to do in order to use our great comparison tool is fill in some basic personal details and give us some idea of what you are looking for. Our comparison software will do the rest and will return a number of different options – which you can then filter using a range of factors such as cost, data limits, free minutes, or handset make/model. And don’t worry, your data is safe with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

All new mobile phone contacts require a credit check. This is a network requirement, and we're unable to affect or guarantee a credit check outcome.

This is entirely down to personal preference. Ordering a mobile contract helps you spread the cost over a 24 month period, but buying a mobile outright often works out cheaper in the long run.

You should consider the price, operating system, battery life, screen size, screen resolution, screen quality, camera quality, processor speed and a strong network signal.

Yes. Being self employed should not be a barrier to you comparing mobile phone deals online. We can offer you the greatest deals around from a huge range of providers to make sure you get the best for both you and your business.

Yes. You can compare mobile phone deals if you have bad credit. However, some companies or deals may not be available to you. For pay monthly deals, providers will usually carry out a credit check but for pay as you go they might not.

Comparing mobile phone deals online is the best way to make sure you have the best deal available for you from the widest range of providers possible. Comparing with us online will make sure you don’t miss out when you need a new deal.

We use smart comparison technology available in real-time to help you get the best deal based on cost, data limits, free minutes, and handsets. You can compare the best deals to suit your needs from a huge range of providers.

There are so many mobile phone deals it can be difficult to know where to start. We have smart technology designed to help you. Our deals are based upon real-time information, so you know you won’t miss out on the best offers around.