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When you're insuring a motorhome, there are a range of different factors that will need to be considered in identifying the best policy to suit your needs. People use their motorhomes in a number of different ways. From those who drive their vehicles up and down the country every week to campsites, to others who use their motorhome for a couple of long haul or even international breaks every year, through to some who may even use theirs as their primary residence.

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Compare Motorhome Insurance

One of the biggest differences between motorhome insurance and regular car insurance is that motorhome insurance will include contents cover for all of the belongings usually kept within the motorhome. Additionally, the prevalence of vintage motorhomes means that there can be other aspects that will need to be considered with these vehicles which may not have been in production for many years.

When you are looking to compare motorhome insurance, it is important to have a good idea in your mind as to what cover you need and what extras you would like. Details such as an estimate of how many miles you are likely to drive in your motorhome. As well as how much it would cost to replace the contents of the motorhome if it were damaged or stolen will help you to take the pain out of getting a quote, as well as allowing you to perform a true motorhome insurance comparison.

What does motorhome insurance cover?

In a similar vein to car insurance, motorhome insurance covers your vehicle in the event of being caught in a traffic accident .Which could include repairing damage to your vehicle and others. Other aspects included are fire damage, theft or damage caused by a break-in, as well as medical cover for you, your passengers, and other road users. The addition of contents insurance sets motorhome insurance apart from car insurance, as your motorhome is likely to contain furniture and appliances which will need to be replaced in the event of theft or damage. As with car insurance, having your motorhome insured is a legal requirement.

The levels of cover

Anyone who has ever insured a car will know that there are several different levels of cover available, and this is no different with a motorhome.

Frequently asked questions

Why use Bright Compare to compare motorhome insurance?

Bright Compare can help you to get the cheapest motorhome policies from the best insurers on the market. We save you time and money by finding the most competitive motorhome insurance on the market. Get your quote today in just a few clicks!

Is it a good idea to compare motorhome insurance online?

Yes it is a good idea to compare motorhome insurance online as it saves you time and money. Simply enter your details and our smart comparison technology will show you the cheapest, best policies for your needs – then apply online.

Can I compare motorhome insurance deals online?

Yes, you can compare motorhome insurance deals online via our comparison site. Simply enter your details and we’ll scour the market instantly to find you the cheapest deals for your needs. You can then apply directly for your policy in just a few clicks.

Can I compare motorhome insurance if I’m over 65?

Yes, you can compare motorhome insurance if you are aged 65 or over. Simply use comparison technology, enter your details and see a full list of policies available to you. Then select the best for your needs and apply in just a few clicks!

Do I need a different licence to compare motorhome insurance?

No, you don’t need a different license to compare motorhome insurance. To carry out your comparison, simply enter your details and Bright Compare will show you which policies on the market are relevant to your needs. You can then apply directly online.

How can I compare motorhome insurance contents cover?

Thinking about contents cover can cause a headache when thinking about your home, with the levels of cover available, named items and other such options.

When it comes to looking at the contents of your motorhome, you should treat it in precisely the same way. Consider the different areas of your motorhome, along with what may be kept in these areas such as the living area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and any items which may be used in the outside, such as awnings or furniture.


With this information at hand, you can work out what it would cost to replace items. If they were lost or destroyed, bearing in mind the fact that many objects will have been produced specifically to fit in a motorhome and may therefore be a little more expensive than the equivalent item for the home.

How can I get the best deal for my motorhome insurance?

Firstly, it’s always a good idea to compare motorhome insurance quotes. By looking at the cost of insurance for the level of cover you need from a range of insurers, you will get a great idea as to what the best deal is, and which providers may be on the expensive side. When making a motorhome insurance comparison, it is wise to look at other elements such as mandatory excess and other policy details.

The next thing that you can do in order to keep your premiums down is to consider the use of tracking devices or black boxes. As well as fitting other safety devices such as a reversing camera. Security devices and access to secure off-road parking will also help bring quotes down, in a similar manner to car insurance.

Will making any modifications to my motorhome affect my policy?

Generally speaking, many modifications will be covered under the scope of your existing policy. It is always important to contact your insurer if modifications have been made, due to the fact that some modifications such as installing additional security can help to reduce your premium. The converse is also true however if you make a modification which could drive the cost of your premium up, you could end up underinsured should you need to make a claim.

Do I need motorhome insurance if my vehicle is declared SORN?

When vehicles are not used on the roads and kept off the public highway, a statutory off-road notification (SORN) can be applied for. This exempts your motorhome for having to pay vehicle excise duty whilst also removing the legal obligation to have it insured.

With a car or motorcycle, the need to keep insured whilst it is SORN is certainly reduced, but with a motorhome, it is wise to keep it insured. Theft, fire, storm and flood cover can be in place even when the vehicle is SORN, as well as that all-important contents cover.

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