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Office milk deliveries

Food delivery boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years. From recipe boxes containing all the ingredients for a meal, to snack baskets with everything from fruit to chocolate, they have been recognised as a simple and effective way to improve diet at home or at work. What has received less attention, but is can still be a welcome addition to the workplace, is the office milk delivery.

What are office milk deliveries?

Not so long ago, every morning the milkman would follow his daily route to deliver milk to houses and businesses. Early office milk deliveries were an essential way to ensure the workplace had this most essential of supplies. Modern office milk deliveries follow in this grand tradition with a few more modern touches. You choose your preferred type of milk and the number of bottles or cartons you want, and they will be delivered right to your door on the day you specify.

Early office milk deliveries in particular ensure that the milk arrives before the working day begins, meaning you will be well-stocked before people start seeking tea, coffee and breakfast. Getting the day off to the best possible start means that employees will be refreshed and eager to work, which in turn is likely to increase productivity.

These kinds of delivery are popular for a variety of reasons. Having refreshments such as milk available improves the office environment and encourages the best performance from workers, and being able to order online makes this a convenient and economical way to provide milk. All you need to do is visit a website, click a few buttons, and maybe fill in a form. Then, the company will do all the work, sourcing whatever number and combination of milk cartons you want, and delivering them directly to your door at the best time for you. It is a worthy reward for minimal effort.

Why is milk so important?

Milk is the first food humans (and other mammals) consume for a reason. It is rich in nutrients, particularly protein, fat, and calcium. Cows remain the most popular source of milk for adults, but other animals such as goats and sheep have also been used. The popularity of veganism has also contributed to an increased range of plant-based milks being widely available. The most common are probably soy and almond milk, but oat, coconut, hemp, and rice are also popular alternatives.

Part of the reason milk is so popular is because of its diversity in the kitchen. Yes, you can use it for a refreshing drink, but for many people it is an essential part of their tea and coffee routine, without which some workers would struggle to make it through the day. If you eat breakfast at work, then you may want milk to pour on your cereal. If you have a larger kitchen in your office, it may also become a useful ingredient when cooking hot food.

How do I order early office milk deliveries?

The ordering process for office milk deliveries is similar to that for other forms of food box or basket. You fill in details about you and your company, most obviously a delivery address and other contact information. You specify the types of milk you want, including skimmed, semi-skimmed, or full fat, or if you want a plant-based alternative to traditional cow’s milk. Enter your number of employees and the number bottles you want, and then all that is left is to set a schedule. You will probably want to just try a one-off order first to ensure it works for you, before setting up a regular day or days for delivery.

Many suppliers of office milk deliveries will also offer other snacks, or even non-food items such as flowers. You may want to browse through what is available in case you want to add fruit or chocolate to your order as well as the milk. Once you have made your order, all you need to do is sit back and wait for it to be delivered. The delivery company will do all the work.


Can I specify the type of milk I want?

Part of the ordering process is choosing between different kinds of milk. As mentioned above, this could include the choice between skimmed, semi-skimmed, or full fat, or it could mean almond or soy milk as an alternative to traditional dairy. You can choose a combination of different milks so that all your workers can have their needs met. It does not matter if you only employ a few people or if your office is staffed by dozens of workers. Your order can be customised depending on the requirements of your business.

The choice between skimmed, semi-skimmed, or full fat milk is mainly about how much fat you want in your drink. In the UK, skimmed milk must by law have less than 0.3% fat content, but is generally as low as 0.1%. Semi-skimmed is between 1.5% and 2%, with the average being around 1.7%. Whole milk will have fat content of at least 3.5% and averages around 3.7%.

Two of the most common forms of plant-based milk are soy and almond milk. Reasons for choosing these vary, but can include environmental concerns, health, and animal welfare. Vegans and other people who consider dairy farming damaging to the overall health of the planet in general, as well as harmful to the cows that produce it, may choose one of these alternatives. People who are allergic or intolerant of lactose may also seek alternatives to cows’ milk.


Just like food and snack boxes, milk deliveries are a simple yet effective way to improve working conditions in your office. Office milk deliveries are easy and convenient to order, offer essential refreshment to staff, and contribute to a generally improved working environment. Having a happier, healthier workforce increases productivity, making it both the economically sensible thing to do, and the moral way to run a business. It will improve both your business and their quality of life.