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Every year 1.8 billion people in the UK use the rail service. The benefits of train travel are plentiful but costs can vary so here at Bright Compare we aim to ensure that you get the very best deal when it comes to travelling by train. Our trains comparison tool gives you access to a number of tickets, offering you the most cost effective options for your journey by provider and the type of ticket available to you – of which there may be a greater variety than you think. But why should you travel by train and how else can we help you to make your journey as cheap as possible on the tracks?

Why take the train?

There are a wide variety of reasons as to why train travel is so popular .Ranging from environmental benefits to consumer convenience. For many travellers, train travel takes them where they need to be quickly and comfortably. It offers space and facilities that you wouldn’t get on a bus, car or plane – such as extra leg room, tables and in some cases, a food carriage and bar!

Many modern trains also offer complimentary wifi and plug sockets as standard which is ideal for commuters. You also have the option of first class which offers even more space and comfort and is ideal for those travelling on long journeys who really want to relax and wind down.

Most major stations are situated in the heart of a town or city which means that travellers don’t usually need to rely on other modes of public transport to get to where they need to be. Unlike air travel, you can take as much luggage as you can manage with no additional fees. Thanks to the vast number of connections, routes and time slots it’s so easy to jump on a train and get where you need to go at a time that suits you. For the perks it offers, train travel is also highly cost effective and we can help you make it even more so!

When we compare trains, why is there so much variance in price?

Train fares vary and have been increasing in price annually for a number of years. Between 2019-2020, rail fares went up by 2.7%. This consistent hike in prices has come into effect since the rail network was privatised in 1995 and it is now government policy that rail passengers should foot the bill for running and maintaining rail services instead of the taxpayer.

In addition to the annual increases, patrons often find that prices for the same routes can vary between provider and the type of ticket bought. So, for example, in some cases two single tickets can be cheaper than a return ticket to the same destination. And booking in advance can also make your trip significantly cheaper. Our aim is to compare trains and the cost of travel between providers with all of these factors taken into account so that you can rest assured you have the very best deal for your journey.

How do we offer trains comparison prices?

Bright Compare is a comparison website that combines data from a range of products and services in order to give consumers the very best deal. Using advanced algorithms, our comparison engine is able to identify and display the results from several different operators so that consumers can see all of the different prices for the same product.

In terms of trains comparison and ticket prices. We can quickly and effectively work out the cheapest seller and the cheapest way to plan your journey. As mentioned, this may sometimes involve purchasing your tickets in a slightly different way such as buying two single tickets instead of a return and so forth.

Our aim is to provide you with the information that you need to make the most cost effective decision as to where. When and from whom you should purchase your ticket.

How else can train travel be made cheaper?

Some other tricks to be aware of when you are about to compare trains include the way in which you purchase your ticket. For example, split tickets can be a great way of making your travel cheaper. Due to the hectic nature of modern day life, most people just click the quickest and most obvious option when ordering their train tickets. But if you are prepared to look into the route in more depth, you could make big savings.

Split tickets are a fabulous example of this when it comes to routes with one or more changes. Instead of ordering the ticket in one, look at using a number of single tickets. So a single ticket to your first connecting station and then a separate single to the destination from there. Although it requires more planning (and carrying more tickets!) it can actually be much a much cheaper way to travel than buying the entire journey in one ticket.

It’s well documented than planning your journey in advance can also be a way to get a cheaper deal. However, this doesn’t always necessarily mean months, weeks or even days in advance. If you pre-book a ticket for travel on the same day it could still be cheaper than turning up at the station and buying one there. Just make sure that your provider gives a reasonable amount of time to allow the order to go through and for tickets to be collected.

Book in advance 

If you are someone who uses the rail network regularly, there are also huge savings to be made by investing in a railcard. There are currently 8 types of railcard, all designed to give savings to those who travel often. They range from age related cards (between ages 16 through to 30) to family and friend cards, disabled cards, senior cards and even cards for veterans. An initial outlay for a card can save you money in the long run.

So why not use our train comparison engine today and stay on the right track when it comes to travelling on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Here at Bright Compare, you can compare and buy train tickets for journeys at short notice. You can also research split ticketing options which can often work out cheaper than buying a single through ticket for the whole journey.

Train ticket comparison technology is becoming more sophisticated when it comes to finding the best train ticket price. We can offer more options than the ticket machines you find at stations and are much quicker at finding the best price than ticket office staff.

Bright Compare is an independent comparison site that can search for the best priced train tickets for your journey. Enter your journey details and then let our smart technology do the legwork, so you can choose the price and route that's best for you.

Yes. Comparing and booking train tickets online is a good idea as it's convenient, gives more options and you can get some great discounts if booking in advance. Our smart technology can find the cheapest deals by researching different routes and using split ticketing.

Yes. Other than the national train-ticket booking sites, our smart comparison technology can identify a choice of ticketing options for journeys within the UK. These include alternative routes at varying prices so you can choose based on travel time and/or price.