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A reliable travel insurance comparison service such as Bright Compare empowers you to tailor your travel insurance to suit your actual needs. But what are our actual needs when disaster strikes? The top two travel insurance claims for 2018 may surprise you. The top travel insurance claim was medical, followed by cancelled travel.

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Some statistics

In 2018, medical pay-outs came to a whopping £209 million. Travel insurance providers also paid a total of £145 million for travel cancellations. It’s easy to imagine the relief experienced by the 498,000 claimants that year. They dodged the nightmare scenario of finding themselves in a medical emergency far from home, or needing to cancel their trip without warning and find their way home.

The events that caused 498,000 people to claim travel insurance in 2018 were not planned. They undoubtedly had better things to do that day than go to hospital or cancel their planned travel without warning. That’s the problem with insurance: you never know when you are going to need it.

Your travel insurance comparison helps make sense of our new normal

Recent world events indicate we must plan and adapt as best we can for unforeseen changes while we are on the road. Whether it be pandemics or environmental disasters or sudden flare-ups in violence, it’s more important than ever for travellers to be prepared and protected.

You don’t need to experience a global crisis to have your world turned upside down while travelling. A simple case of losing your passport can cause utter chaos. The knock-on effects such as abandoned travel, new flight and accommodation bookings not to mention arrangements for your new passport can be brutally expensive. To be out of pocket on top of sudden changes to your travel trajectory, when it all could have been avoided is one of the reasons we love what we do. We help travellers, even when everything goes wrong.

Our travel insurance comparison service helps you find what you need

Travel insurance extends across three main areas of cover: medical, travel and possessions. These three areas cover a wide range of scenarios ranging from:

– Emergency repatriation: If you are experiencing a medical emergency you may need to be brought back to the UK to receive the care you need. Your travel would be earlier than expected and, in severe cases, aboard an emergency medical flight. You are liable for these costs, which run into frightening numbers.

– Possessions: We all know travel insurance will cover your lost luggage, but did you know insurers cap their payout? Make sure you read the luggage payout limit for each provider. If you are travelling with valuable items, ask your provider their payout limit for a single item, which can also be added to your policy to insure a specific piece. Travel insurance also covers you if you accidentally damage or lose someone else’s belongings on your travels. If you are a victim of theft, make sure you record all reference numbers from authorities, as you will need the details to complete your claim.

– Specific travel needs: A fantastic variety of travel insurance policies include options for families, backpackers, newly retired, adventure sports and those suffering pre-existing conditions. You can also whittle your insurance needs down further by checking out single trip, worldwide and annual, a policy for multiple trips.

Why should you compare travel insurance?

The right travel insurance policy can save savvy customers like you thousands of pounds and incalculable hours of stress. But who has the time to read all the fine print to compare travel insurance policies? We do. That’s what we are here for, to help you find the best travel insurance quote for you.

We offer a tailored travel insurance comparison service matching travel insurance options to your age, reason for travel and needs while you are away. For example, your travel insurance needs for business and for leisure are very different. Your leisure travel could be packed full of adventure sports such as snowboarding, white water rafting and sky diving. While your business travel may demand regular visits to cities around the world. There’s no need for you to trawl through piles of irrelevant quotes for travel insurance you won’t need on a business trip to London which may be essential on a mountain top in New Zealand.

Comparing travel insurance with us empowers you to choose a policy that suits your needs exactly, through an impartial third party. Even better, we do all the research for you. All you have to do is input your travel needs and away you go! It’s that simple. We gather all the information you need to make an informed choice.

We understand that travel insurance policies can be littered with industry jargon and confusing options for extra cover. The last thing you want is to be paying for things you don’t need. We offer handy hints such as double-checking with your bank and home insurance provider before committing a classic optional extra mistake: insuring your electronic goods overseas when they are already covered on your home insurance, credit card or bank account insurance policy.

We are lucky to live in a time where travel and technology play such integral roles in everyday life. Many of us are now planning our own holidays, over choosing a holiday package deal. A travel insurance comparison service like ours encourages you to plan properly for your trip. You can hop online to compare travel insurance with us anywhere, anytime. Leave all the number crunching and fact-finding to us. We love that stuff.

All you need to do is commit to giving us accurate information for your trip and we will do the rest. For a little bit of risk assessment now, you can have stress free travel later that won’t take you years to repay. Your time is precious. Holidays with your family, time away from home travelling to and from work, exploring the world and creating memories. If you consider the potential risks, taking a few minutes to explore the world of travel insurance options could make all the difference when you least expect it.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get the best prices comparing travel insurance online?

Comparing travel insurance online gives a broad choice of quotes and may yield some of the best prices. Travel insurance is especially recommended due to the unprecedented travel upheaval caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Speak to a broker if your individual circumstances aren’t covered.

Can I compare travel insurance on short notice within 24 hours?

Yes. You can compare and buy travel insurance right up to the same day that you’re due to travel. Check our comparison first to make sure the provider offers instant cover before buying or the earliest date from which it comes into effect.

Can I compare travel insurance without a COVID jab?

Some airlines and travel companies are mandating a Covid-19 vaccination before allowing people to travel, and some countries are considering vaccination passports. Check your destination’s laws and your airline or travel company’s requirements when comparing travel insurance and be aware rules may change.

Is a good idea to compare travel insurance online?

Yes. Comparing travel insurance online is a good idea for finding out what’s available and the prices you can expect to pay. Simply enter some basic details and Bright Compare’s advanced software will do all the hard work for you.

Can I compare travel insurance if I have underline health issues?

Yes. When you compare travel insurance online, always read the small print and make sure you have declared all underlying health issues. If you have any doubt about your eligibility for cover when looking at travel insurance online, speak to a specialist.