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We all need insurance to cover our vehicles on the roads in the UK. But if you drive a van, you will need to have the right van insurance for your van and any contents. So why not use Bright Compare to help you compare van insurance policies? Depending on how you use your van, the premium can differ a great deal, but you can be sure that our technology will help you find the best quote.

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Compare van insurance for the best policy

When it comes to van insurance policies, not all are created equal and many have exclusions that you need to be aware of. So don’t be caught out by selecting the wrong policy, or if the worst happens find that the contents of your van, or your expensive tools that you rely on for your trade, are not covered.

What insurance coverage do I need?

Black box (Telematics) insurance

If your family think you should have a driver of the year award, then maybe you should consider fitting a black box (telematics). This unassuming little device will assess your driving ability and may result in you receiving a lower insurance premium when renewing your insurance. So if your age and postcode are limiting your choices, but you are an excellent driver, then this might be a good choice for you to obtain a better quote as you compare van insurance policies.

Make a home insurance comparison

Before you enter your details into our van insurance comparison system, it is useful to gather everything you need to hand, so you can navigate the site easily and get that quote faster. Make sure you have the following to make the search easier:

– Van model
– Van registration
– Type of cover you need
– Age of the van and when you bought it
– Yearly mileage estimate
– Your personal details
– Your driving history
– A list of any extra insurance cover you would be interested in adding to your policy. You might be pleasantly surprised to find some insurance policies already include these as an incentive for you to take out their policy.

There are many things to consider when taking out van insurance. Hopefully, we have clarified some of the essentials for you. With the right information and your van details at hand, let Bright Compare, take away the worry of choosing the right policy, and spend more of your time enjoying your van on the road.

Level of cover

The usual levels of cover are available for van insurance as you perform a van insurance comparison. And you will usually have the option of adding extra benefits to your policy, making your quotation ‘tailor-made’ for you:

Is the highest level of cover for your van and will replace or repair your van in the event of an accident or any form of malicious damage.

Will cover your van in the event of a fire or it is stolen. It will pay a third party, in the event of an accident, but doesn’t cover the cost of damages to your vehicle.

This is the lowest form of cover you can select in order to be legally driving on the road. However, it only covers third-party damages and doesn’t compensate you if your vehicle is damaged in thane accident, or in a fire, or stolen.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay monthly when comparing van insurance?

Yes. Many people purchase van insurance, as well as many other types of insurance, using monthly installments. There is usually a small credit charge payable, so the total paid is likely to be slightly higher than if it was paid annually.

Why use Bright Compare to compare van insurance?

Here at Bright Compare, we can offer a comparison of deals from a wide range of leading van insurers. Using our comparison tool, you simply fill in your details and let us do the searching. You can then choose your best deal.

Can I compare van insurance if I have bad credit?

Absolutely, anyone can use our comparison tool to compare van insurance deals. People with bad credit may well find that they need specialist insurance, as a credit check is carried out during the quotation process. Providing all details in full can help the process.

Can I compare van insurance if I’m self employed?

Yes, in the same way that insurance deals can be compared for any other type of motorist. Remember that you may well need additional cover, depending on the type of business you are involved in. For example, goods-in-transit cover if you are a courier.

Is it a good idea to compare van insurance online?

Absolutely! By comparing van insurance online, you only have to look in one place to be presented with insurance deals from a range of different insurers. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and entering a few personal details.

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