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Office fruit deliveries

In recent years, boxes and baskets containing fresh ingredients, including fruit, have seen a notable increase in popularity. The combination of convenience, healthiness, and tastiness has proved more than successful. Office fruit deliveries in particular are a simple way to make your workplace happier and healthier.

What is an office fruit delivery?

The basic purpose of an office fruit delivery is self-explanatory. You order your preferred basket, which will contain a selection of various fruits. These can then be shared among employees as delicious, healthy snacks. Most companies will offer different sizes of boxes or baskets, which will then contain different types of fruit, so there is something for everyone, regardless of the size of your business or taste of your workers. Some suppliers will also offer snacks or treats other than fruit, from milk to chocolate, as well as non-foodstuffs, such as flowers. It all aims to provide a healthier, happier environment for everyone in the office, which will in turn improve productivity.

How does it work?

Most companies offering this service will have a website to explain their specific processes, but the basic steps will generally be similar. You fill in your details, including your name and company as well as a delivery address and other contact information. You let the supplier know how many employees you have, so an adequate amount of fruit can be delivered. There will probably be an option to choose your preferred delivery day, depending on the requirements of your business. Then you can choose the best basket for you.

Once you have received your first taster basket, you can start scheduling more regular deliveries. Again, the date and frequency are entirely dependent on you and the needs of your office. If you do not want a fixed delivery schedule, you will generally be offered the flexibility to order or cancel as you wish. These kinds of delivery service are available all around the country.

What fruit is available in your office fruit basket deliveries?

When it comes to selecting the fruit, you are likely to have a choice between different baskets. Common options include a classic selection with familiar contents, such as apples and grapes, or a seasonal offering, such as summer fruits at the appropriate time of year. There may even be a specific basket that contains a single favourite fruit, such as bananas. Fruits that are sometimes labelled as vegetables, including avocados and tomatoes, may also be included.

If none of the combinations appeal to you, or if there is a specific fruit you want to include or avoid, most providers of fruit deliveries will also offer a custom service. This will allow you to create a bespoke basket tailored to the preferences of your office. There may also be specific options for those with special dietary requirements, such as allergies.

What are the benefits of office fruit deliveries?

Making a regular order for a fruit basket to be delivered to your office can have a range of positive effects. To begin with, just the act of receiving a parcel can brighten anyone’s day, especially when the delivery is beautifully presented in a traditional wicker basket. It makes employees to feel appreciated and gives them a reason to smile. This in turn will encourage them to work harder and increase their productivity.

Then there are the obvious benefits of the fruit itself. Regular snacks are an important way of maintaining and even improving energy levels through a long working day. Fruit is a lot healthier than chocolate or crisps, but it still offers both flavour and nutrition. Having a basket of fruit available provides a valuable way for everyone in the office to refuel, without preventing them from continuing their regular work.

There are a variety of benefits associated with different kinds of fruit. These include specific nutrients, such as vitamin C in citrus fruits or potassium in bananas. Fruit in general is also known for its high fibre content and for its hydrating effects because of high amounts of water. Phytochemicals in fruit can help combat disease, as can antioxidants. The risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke may be reduced if you eat fruit regularly.

Great benefits

Another great advantage of these kinds of office fruit basket deliveries in particular is that the benefits can be delivered at minimum cost and maximum convenience to the employer. Once the order has been made, the majority of the work is done by the company. They source the fruit, pack it appropriately, and deliver it right to your office without you having to leave your desk. All you need to do is make your choice and click the right buttons. Combining fruits like this is a cost-effective way to supply your entire office with healthy snacks.

If you choose a supplier that offers seasonal produce from the United Kingdom, then you are also avoiding many of the environmental concerns associated with the import (especially by air) of out-of-season fruit all year round. Instead, you can support more local growers, boosting the economy as well as the environment.

What does the scientific research say?

The dangers of poor diet are well-documented and there is specific research regarding its impact on the workplace. It is estimated that inadequate nutrition amongst employees can cost employers billions of pounds every year. This includes 97m working days lost and, according to Brigham Young University, a 66% drop in productivity. As the NHS estimates that most people consume as much as two thirds of their daily calories whilst at work, it seems logical that work is the place where something must be done to improve diet quality. This includes through the provision of healthy snacks such as fruit.


Office fruit basket deliveries are a simple, affordable way to improve the quality of life for your workers. They are a practical solution to the concentration and productivity issues caused by hunger or poor diet, and can improve happiness as well as health, making your office a much more pleasant place for all employees. It makes both ethical and economical sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Offering office fruit is great way to show how you are a great workplace and to keep your employee healthy and alert.

Office fruit deliveries are normally delivered early in the morning. Most companies offer an office fruit delivery before midday every day. You'll be amazed at the positive impact that a fresh office fruit delivery can have on the mindset of your staff. Consumption of fresh fruit in the workplace is linked to increased productivity and overall approval.

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